New Zealand court ruling against psychiatrist Stephanie du Fresne

New Zealand psychiatrist Stephanie du Fresne tried to stop one of her patients from speaking out on national television about involuntary electroshock administered by the doctor. A High Court in New Zealand “quashed” Dr. Fresne’s request, and here’s the court ruling.  tvworks-v-stephanie-du-fresne-electroshock-new-zealand-high-court.pdf

A Mental Health Alternative for Youth in Denmark May Be Shut Down: Save Gaderummet!

Info Gaderummet is an innovative psychosocial alternative for young homeless people in Copenhagen, Denmark that may be replaced by a more traditional mental health service. Here’s an easy e-mail action you can take to help show there is international support. Youth participants in front of Gaderummet with a banner that reads, “Right to Self-Determination and…

International Conference on Self-Determination

Info The conference organizers announced: “International perspectives on progressive notions of mental health recovery, family supports, community membership, ending forced impoverishment and system change requirements will be part of the focus of the conference. The meetings will feature leaders from across disability and aging and relate the efforts being made across the world to make…

Bed Push Tips

Info Rufus in England has helped organize several successful “Bed Pushes,” where a group in costume pushes a bed (often with a manequin tied down in four-point restraint) through the streets, escaping from the psychiatric system. The Bed Pushes in UK have won national publicity on the BBC. Now Bed Pushes are planned in Germany,…

Ron Bassman, PhD

Info Ron Bassman is author of the new book, A Fight to Be: A Psychologist’s Experience from Both Sides of the Locked Door, available in the MindFreedom madmarket at Click to view full-size image… — Size: 26.9 kB Document Actions Print this