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MindFreedom stands in solidarity with MFI member, LoveSetFree, who has been a Maui resident since 1997 (and former resident of Lahaina). LoveSetFree has also been a member of MFI for several years.

LoveSetFree is a psychiatric survivor who is legally blind. He is also is uniquely impacted by recent wildfires in Hawaii. Today, he asked MFI to post a volunteer needed announcement on his behalf. (Scroll down to read details)

For years, LoveSetFree has vigorously promoted human rights in the mental health system. Inspired by the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he created an initiative called ’24 Freedoms’.


Due to the recent devastating fires in Lahaina, Maui. LoveSetFree believes that the government in Hawaii is not prioritizing the needs of people with disabilities and calls on the MFI community to help him to be seen and heard!

LoveSetFree wants authorities in Hawaii to prioritize the safety of people with disabilities in their emergency planning and evacuation procedures. He created a list of solutions  under his ’24 Freedoms’ initiative which he says, if enacted will save lives! For example, one of the many issues he says demands attention…

“We need to fix the broken text messaging system and coordinate emergency services! A lot of the people who died in the fire were elderly and disabled! Lots of people did not receive a text telling us what to do during the wildfire. When I belatedly received a text message, I called the police and they could not confirm that this message had ever been sent out!”


Volunteer typist Needed

Help LoveSetFree type up a list of solutions to Hawaiian authorities.

The volunteer should be able to type, have access to a computer, a phone, and have internet access. He estimates that it will require a commitment of several hours for a typist to transcribe several audio files that he created, converting them into written format which he can then present to Hawaiian authorities, These documents contain important solutions from the perspective of a person with a disability in how to save lives and make it more likely that people with disabilities and their caregivers can safely evacuate during natural disasters.

The volunteer can work remotely from any location. and should contact LoveSetFree by calling or leaving a message at one of two phone numbers:

503-610-8299 (preferred number)

808-214-1415 (24-7 VM as back-up)