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Updated 5/18/2022


Update for David Italiano

Though it has been several months since MindFreedom International (MFI) in conjunction with Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living (RTFCIL) issued a Shield update on behalf of David Italiano, we are not giving up – not by a long shot! See our Call To Action below.

Work on behalf of David Italiano has been progressing behind the scenes and we have a lot to share.

Below is an update of Shield developments and actions you can take to help us find and free David. Helping David will help us all!

Our joy at finding David in January turned quickly to disappointment, when to the best of our knowledge, David was moved from the Shirley House, his last known placement. David was moved presumably because his supporters located him and were briefly able to visit with him privately.

Before his supporters were asked to leave, they were able to confirm, once again, David’s wish to move back to his home.

1) Two weeks ago, Pennsylvania Council for Independent Living (PCIL), with six other interested parties filed an Amicus Brief to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, with help from David Ferleger and other civil rights attorneys, challenging the denial of David’s appeal. As you may recall, David’s attorney fought unsuccessfully to appeal David’s plenary guardianship. A copy of our latest effort to find and free David -the Amicus Brief- can be viewed as a Word document HERE and as a PDF HERE.

2) A copy of the press release sent out by PCIL announcing the filing of the Amicus Brief can be viewed HERE.

3) Local press coverage of this development can be viewed HERE.

4) MFI, with help from RTFCIL, formed a workgroup that meets weekly. The work-group includes MFI, RTFCIL, PCIL, disability and civil rights attorneys, activists from Pennsylvania ADAPT, Center for Estate Administration Reform (CEAR), and Kasem Cares. If you wish to be involved in this workgroup, please email MFI at We could really use help with a volunteer who is adept at social media!

5) Last month, MFI hosted a public meeting on the topic of Supported Decision Making during our regular educational series: ‘Judi’s Room’, named after Judi Chamberlin, a well-known disability rights activist. Judi’s Room is free and open to the public and takes place on the first Wednesday of every month. If you wish to receive invitations to Judi’s Room, send an email to with ‘Add me to Judi’s Room’ in the subject heading.

In ‘Supported Decision Making’ guest presenter attorney Jonathan Martinis Esq., informed us that out of fifty states, only fourteen formally recognize supportive decision making as an alternative to guardianship/conservatorship. The American Bar Association and many national organizations on aging have called for sweeping reforms to the system of guardianship/conservatorship. MFI aspires to promote supported decision making as a viable alternative not only to abusive guardianships but also to forced psychiatry!

We have much work to do and to succeed, we are building a coalition which we hope will not only provide justice for David Italiano in Pennsylvania, but for every person whose dignity and freedoms are comprised as a result of a disability. As a first step, please take the following action today to find and free David Italiano!

Call to Action

If you are among the 1,300+ individuals who signed our petition for David, thank you! If not, please help us reach 1,500 signatures, by June 15 by signing and sharing our petition.

Send Letters and Emails to Lawmakers! (post copies of your letters on MFI’s website HERE)


Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania

See a Sample Letter to Governor Wolf from MFI’s Executive Director.

Contact Gov. Wolf via website HERE.

Office of the Governor
508 Main Capitol Building
HarrisburgPA 1712
Pennsylvania State Representatives

HERE is an example of a simple email. Please note that due to the date of the letter, it does not mention the Amicus Brief. Please feel free to add that info!

Jamie Maggs (for Jeff Wheeland PA 84th District):

Rep. Kurt Masser (PA 107th District):

Contact Melissa Blair at

Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (PA 171st):

Mark Long:

Sen. Jake Corman:

Contact Diane Acri at

Rep. Linda Culver (PA 108th):

Contact Dawn Becher at

Rep Dan Frankel (PA 23rd District):

Contact Erika Fricke at

Rep. Scott Conklin (PA 77th District): and/or contact Michael McCartney at

Rep. Clint Owlett (PA 68th District):

Rep. Fred Keller (PA 85th District):

Huntingdon County Commissioners Contacts

Contact the Huntingdon County Commissioners and tell them that an agency that they govern (Huntingdon/Bedford/Fulton Area Agency on Aging) is abusing one of their constituents by denying him basic liberties that are protected under the Olmstead Ruling of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Jeff Thomas:

Send Letters to Would-Be Lawmakers!

Send a letter to prospective US Senator from Pennsylvania, Conor Lamb here.

Send a letter to prospective US Senator from Pennsylvania, John Fetterman here.

If you are new to the Shield you can familiarize yourself with the Shield on MFI’s website HERE or read a brief summary of what happened to David prior to the launch of his Shield  HERE . If you received this from an independent source and you would like to directly receive Shield alerts in the future, you can sign up by emailing putting ‘Add me to Shield List’ in the subject heading. If you would like to enroll in Shield view the online application HERE.

Advocating for someone like David who is prohibited from receiving visitors and making private phone calls, has not only been extremely challenging, it is very disturbing!

For this reason, MFI is forming a ‘cross-disabilities’ alliance with other organizations. Our vision for David’s Shield campaign is to unite Centers for Independent Living with other social justice organizations. Centers for Independent Living are federally mandated to assist people with disabilities to live as independently as possible in their own communities. MFI members know from experience that people with psycho-social disabilities are routinely institutionalized, restrained, drugged/shocked by force, and put under abusive guardianships. We are not alone. This problem also impacts the elderly and people with physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities. This is why urge people with lived experiences of the mental health system must to unite with people with disabilities and their allies everywhere!

Post & Tweet your support for David Italiano!

#ShieldAlert #DavidItaliano #StopForcedPsychiatry

Share this link HERE on your Facebook

Updated 3/4/22


David Italiano was found at last! He still urgently needs our support!

Staff members at Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living (RTFCIL) after learning of David’s whereabouts, made an unannounced visit to David’s facility by entering through a side door and were able to have a private conversation with him. Sadly, this contact may be short-lived. When RTFCIL staff later called David to follow up, they were told by staff that “David is no longer living here.”

We all know from personal experience how disempowering it is to be isolated in an institution, cut off from everything one holds dear. Let’s write letters and send cards to David.

David Italiano

Shirley Home for the Aged

17050 Country View Lane

Shirleysburg, PA 17260.

Note: Be sure to include a stamped, self addressed envelope when you write!

More importantly, let’s take action today to free David!

David has essentially been disappeared by a government agency that has complete control of every aspect of his life. He cannot visit with whomever he chooses or enjoy a private phone call. What is happening to David is an outrage. Even more alarming is the shortage of checks and balances in the guardianship system in Pennsylvania. What is happening to David can  happen to any of us.

MFI is most concerned about the following reports:

1)  Staff members at the Shirley House threatened David with psychiatric care in another institution if he doesn’t cooperate. As many of you know, the fraudulent use of psychiatric labeling/tranquilizing drug administration is a well documented form of abuse in nursing homes  HERE and HERE and HERE

2) David’s brother sent him a Christmas card over the Holidays. The card was returned to the sender with a note from staff saying that David was ‘deceased.’

3) David still wishes to receive services to help him transition back to his own home but his court appointed guardian (see below) continues to block any visitors or phone calls. Without unfettered communication, David cannot receive federally mandated transitional services that RTFCIL can provide.

David’s legal guardian is a government funded agency called the Hungtingdon County Area Agency on Aging (AAA)  The judge who appointed this guardian used to work for that agency.

To MFI’s disappointment, The Protection and Advocacy (P and A) in David’s region – the people whose job it is to protect the rights of vulnerable people – have made it clear to MFI and RTFCIL that they do not intend to take any legal actions/advocate for David.

Please help us turn up the heat and take the following actions today!

Contact Connie Brode, the Executive Director of the AAA for Huntingdon/Bedford/Fulton Counties

Conne Brode

Area Agency on Aging


HERE  is an example of a simple email

Demand that David Italiano be allowed to receive services to help him transition back to the community and that he be allowed visitors and use of a private phone.

Contact the Huntingdon County Commissioners and tell them that an agency that they govern (Huntington/Bedford/Futon Area Agency on Aging) is abusing one of their constituents by denying him basic liberties that are protected under the Olmstead Ruling of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Heather Fellman

Mark Sather

Jeff Thomas

Scott Walls

Tracey Rhodes


A few minutes of your time can make a difference! 

As always, please cc your email to or post on the comments on our website HERE A simple email with a few talking points is sufficient. For an example, read this brief but excellent.

Updated January 28, 2022

Karen Koch is one of one of the last people to have spoken to David before he was disappeared., Karen Koch is an Advocacy Coordinator for Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living (RTFCIL) who was helping David transition from the nursing home back to his own home, when his state appointment guardian cut him off from all contact with the outside world. Karen discusses the urgency of finding and freeing David Italiano, and the need for greater checks in Pennsylvania’s dangerous guardianship system

Listen to a recording of the Interview HERE

Updated January 13, 2022

MFI Executive Director, Ron Bassman, has sent out an additional update to the Shield campaign for David Italiano click HERE


Updated January 7, 2022

To read the latest update in the Shield campaign for David Italiano click HERE


Updated December 30, 2021

MindFreedom launched a Shield campaign to find and free David Italiano in October, 2021 in conjunction with David’s chosen advocate, RTFCIL. You can read the original Shield by scrolling down to October. We encourage you to pay particular attention to our letter writing campaign aimed at elected officials in Pennsylvania (listed below)

To date, our Shield campaign for David has not resulted in the outcome we desire.

That is where you come in.

We are about to turn up the heat and we need your help.

Please sign the following petition to help us find and free David today!


It has been a whole year since we knew the whereabouts of David in order to communicate with him and establish his well being. It has been three months since we launched a Shield campaign for David. This petition is important because David’s situation is urgent.

Many of you will receive multiple requests to sign petitions this year for a variety of worthy causes. Very few of them involve abusive guardianships, however. Please treat this petition as if your very life depended on it. What is happening to David can happen to anyone of us.

The motto of MFI’s Shield is ‘One for all and all for one!”

Please take the time not only to sign the petition. Please also publicly share why you are signing on or on our website HERE by scrolling down to the comments below. Take another five minutes to read the petition carefully on and view the options for sharing on the platform.

You can bypass requests to make a donation to No donation is required to ensure that your signature is counted. The organizers at state that by reaching a milestone of 100 signatures, our petition’s visibility will increase. We can easily reach 100 signatures by day’s end (December 31, 2021)

To reach 1,000 signatures, however is going to require that at least half of you signers are also willing to go the extra mile and share this petition with your friends.

To optimize our chances of having our petition go viral, a significant number of you will not only have to share or email this petition to as many of your friends as possible, but do so in a thoughtful and meaningful way by describing, in your own words, why this petition is important to you and why it is important for your friends and colleagues to share. It takes time to convince friends. I hope you will take the time for a person’s life, for David Italiano.

Some of you have blogs and websites. Some of you manage newsletters and large lists. Some of you belong to groups and book clubs, gyms, and places of worship. Please do whatever is within your power to share this as widely as possible.

You can post a link to the petition on your Facebook page or instragram account. You can do it directly from the platform or simply cut and paste the link to the petition HERE Downloadable, specially, sized graphics for social media are posted below.

You can also plop the link to the petition HERE on your Facebook ‘status update’

We have asked some of our members who were active in ‘Free Britney’ to circulate this to Free Britney activists. Perhaps, with your/their help, Britney Spears may view/share this Petition herself!


Again, here is the link to the Petition HERE

Here is a downloadable graphic you can use for Instagram

Here is downloadable graphic you can use for Facebook

Thank you for helping us turn up the Heat for David!


Updated November 24, 2021


We still do not know where David is and we are doubling down on our efforts to find and free him. See this press release HERE Please help David! To view the original alert scroll down to 10/19/2021

Today’s recommended action is

1) File a complaint against Judge Zanic (see below)

2) Continue to write to Huntingdon County Commissioners. For instructions and an example, scroll down.

Other grass-roots organizations are starting to join MFI and RTFCIL by demanding that lawmakers find and free David Italiano.

A special thanks to ‘Put People First’ members in Pennsylvania for contacting Huntingdon County Commissioners last week.

Another special thanks to Lily for alerting National Association to End Guardianship Abuse which posted David’s Shield alert on their website HERE and agreeing to conduct a radio interview with Karen Koch of RTFCIL.

Have you written to the Commissioners yet? If not, please do so today. 

A few minutes of your time can make a difference. The commissioners email addresses are listed below. HERE is an example of a simple email.

As always, please cc your email to or post on the comments on our website HERE A simple email with a few talking points is sufficient. For an example, read this brief but excellent.




Heather Fellman

Mark Sather

Jeff Thomas

Scott Walls

Tracey Rhodes


If you already wrote to the commissions, please report Judge Zanic who ignored evidence presented by a mental health professional at a hearing declaring that David Italiano to be competent. He appointed a guardian who continues to ignore David’s wishes, hides him and prevents him from having contact with the outside world.

File a complaint against Judge Zanic for ruling on the case of David Italiano, despite having a conflict of interest.

  1. Judge Zanic, was formerly employed as the legal counsel for Huntingdon County AAA before being elected as the President Judge of Huntingdon County.
  2. Over Mr. Italiano’s objections, Judge Zanic appointed, Huntingdon County AAA, his former client to be David Italiano’s permanent guardianship even though an expert witness declared David Italiano to be mentally competent.


File a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania HERE




Updated November 12, 2021


It has been nearly a year since David Italiano was disappeared in Pennsylvania’s broken guardianship system, a black hole which many elderly people, psychiatric survivors, and people with disabilities fall into, often with lethal consequences.

It has been over three weeks since MindFreedom International issued an official Shield alert for David Italiano. MFI learned of his plight from Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living (RTF) earlier in the year after RTF staff tried to help David move from a congregate facility back into his own home before he was disappeared in retaliation.

The goal of the alert is to find him, confirm his safety, and make sure that he is respected and treated like a human being as opposed to being locked up in a nursing home and forced to wear an ankle bracelet, as he was when RTF staff last were able to communicate with him.

What is happening to him could happen to any of us. We must protect David Italiano and in doing so, send a clear message to lawmakers and people who work for any oppressive system: psychiatric facilities, geriatric facilities, group homes, etc. that we will not tolerate human rights abuses, especially as it concerns the care of people with psycho social disabilities.

Remember, David Italiano does not have a psychiatric diagnosis. He is not in a psychiatric facility. This alert is a joint effort between MFI and RTFCIL. This Shield alert illustrates the overlapping problems faced by both psychiatric survivors and people with disabilities.

If you have not contacted Senator Toomey, Governor Wolf. and the other lawmakers listed in previous alerts (archived below) please contact them today! If you have already contacted those lawmakers, please contact the Huntingdon County commissioners, the focus of today’s Shield update..

The Huntingdon County Commissioners hold the purse strings of the agency that is hiding David Italiano.

Read the many, eloquent letters, especially the one by Meaghan Graef (scroll down to comments section below) for inspiration or the talking points in earlier updates below when comprising your email.




Call or write an email alerting Huntingdon County Commissioners to the treatment and disappearance of David Italiano in Pennsylvania’s broken guardian system and send the email to every Huntingdon County commissioner listed below. Be sure to cc or post your email on the comments section below. Be sure to tell the Commissioners that the Huntingdon County AAA has assumed guardianship of David Italiano against David’s wishes and that they will not disclose his whereabouts of  confirm his safety or allow him to have contact with his chosen advocate Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living, in accordance with Pennsylvania’s guardianship statutes and in accordance with David’s civil liberties under the Olmstead Ruling. You can find talking points below.





Heather Fellman

Mark Sather

Jeff Thomas

Scott Walls

Tracey Rhodes



Updated November 9 2021

Thanks to a Shield volunteer (not sure if I can out her by name) we now possess a very important court document which will greatly help the Shield campaign for David Italiano. Please visit  this page soon for new important actions you can take to find and free David based on this new finding.


If you haven’t written yet to Sen Casey, Rep Irvin, Sen. Toobey, or Governor Wolf yet, please do so today!

Ron Bassman, Executive Director of MFI, submitted this letter to the Governor HERE



Updated November 5, 2021

Please continue to help David Italiano!. It is critical that Shield members continue to take action. His situation is urgent. If you haven’t written to Pennsylvania lawmakers below, please do so today by scrolling down to letter writing resources posted below on 10/19/21 and 10/27/21

Today’s Action

If you already written to lawmakers in Pennsylvania, please contact the media!

  1. Write a letter to the editor of the Huntingdon County Daily News HERE

  2. Write an opinion piece to Pennsylvania Capital Star HERE

  3. Write a letter to the editor of the Pennsylvania Inquirer HEREand select ‘Letter to the Editor’

  4. Contact WPCN radio station in Huntingdon County HERE

  5. Call WPCN Phone: 216-916-6100/Toll Free: 877-399-3307

The following press release distributed by MFI is provided for informational purposes.


The Alert updated on 10/29/21

For original alert (and actions) scroll down to 10/19/2021

If you have already the actions listed in the original alert dated 10/19/21 Thank you! The situation involving David is considered urgent until we find David and communicate with him once again!  Please continue to take action today. We will post a different action each week. The action we recommend this week is to call or write to Senator Toomey.


Senator Toomey

320 Market Street

Suite 475E

Harrisburg, PA 17108

(717) 782-3951

Letter Template in PDF HERE

(more formats coming soon)

Contact Senator Toomey using the contact form on his website:




“Don’t Murder Me!” reads an excerpt from the journal of David Italiano, a disabled individual who was ‘Disappeared’ in Pennsylvania’s Broken Guardianship System. Take Action Today! Help Us Find David and Restore His Rights!


MindFreedom International (MFI) in conjunction with Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living (RTFCIL), is launching a Shield Alert to locate and establish the well-being of David Italiano, an elderly person in Pennsylvania who has been ‘disappeared’ by a government funded agency called the Huntingdon County Area Agency  (AAA) in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.

Please help us find David Italiano and confirm his well being. Help David exercise his right to receive appropriate services to help him to live independently in his own home!

A complete history of David’s story can be found in our website HERE. A brief summary follows and below that, recommended actions for Shield members to take.

Last year, after complaining of spousal abuse, David was placed under a temporary guardianship and moved to a congregate facility 120+ miles from where he lives. At David’s request, RTFCIL consented to help David put together his own care plan. One of David’s goals was to petition the court for a termination or change of guardianship. Another goal was to move back home.

Later in the year, his spouse died and no longer posed a threat to David. A neuropsychiatric evaluation determined that David was competent and no longer in need of protection, yet a judge in Huntingdon County placed David under permanent guardianship.

The Huntingdon County AAA forbid RTFCIL from communicating with David, even though RTFCIL has determined that David is eligible for services to help him live independently, services which David has requested. His guardian even instructed the staff at the nursing home to monitor David’s personal calls and confiscated his personal cell phone. Before being ‘disappeared’ David shared this poignant letter describing the despair having every facet of one’s life dictated by someone else. HERE

David was secretly moved to another location on February 20 to prevent him from having contact with RTFCIL. The Huntingdon County AAA refuses to communicate with RTFCIL on behalf of David and will not reveal his location.

David’s story reveals that our guardianship system is broken. Supported decision making is not practiced in the current system and it easy to abuse and exploit people with disabilities who are under guardianship.

Please take action today! Inform public officials that you will not not sit back and allow the state to take away David Italiano’s right to live in the least restrictive setting of his choosing. This right was guaranteed under the American Disabilities Act (ADA) according to the Supreme Court, in Olmstead v.s. LC

Please join MFI to demand the following of public officials:

  • Compel Huntingdon County AAA to disclose David Italiano’s location.
  • Allow David Italiano to communicate freely with whoever he chooses.
  • Force nursing home staff to return David’s private phone.
  • Compel agencies to use supported decision making with all of their disabled clients, including those under guardianship!

For a list of recommended actions and people you should contact see below.

Please circulate this alert to your colleagues and friends. Let us know what actions you take by cc’ing




Every week, we will post a new action. For today’s action, we urge you to write letters or email to the following public officials. If you choose to use email (Governor Wolf is the only official below who does not post his email address) you can combine recipients. Be sure to cc or post your email/letter in comments below.

Letter templates are provided below each public official’s contact information but please note, that they should only serve as guidelines. It is better to use your own words to the greatest extent possible. Letter templates are provided in two formats to make it easier. If you can use the MS Word software, you can open and overwrite on the templates, saving only the words you want to replicate. If your browser will only open text files, you can find additional formats on the website of our partner PsychRights HERE

Contact Governor Wolf’s Office

Call Governor Wolf


Person in the Governor’s Office Who is Tasked with Disability Issue

Write to Governor Wolf

Use the contact form:


Send Ground Letters to Governor Wolf:

Office of the Governor
508 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120



*Additional format available on the website of PsychRights HERE

Contact Rich Irvin, State Representive, District 81 (David’s Home community)

Hon. Rich Irvin
612 Pennsylvania Avenue
Huntingdon, PA 16652
(814) 644-2996
Fax: (814) 644-2999




Contact Senator Casey

Chairman of Special Committee on Aging

CALL Senator Casey

Disability Policy Director

Office of Sen. Bob Casey

Write to Sen. Casey at his Philadelphia office

2000 Market Street
Suite 610
Philadelphia, PA 19103







  1. My name is Roberto Ugarte and I am an attorney in Hanover, PA. I represent an individual whose Mother was removed from their home in Huntingdon County, PA by the Huntingdon-Bedford-Fulton AAA and sent to a nursing home facility 2 hours away. After 3 court appearances Judge Zanic ruled that the AAA is appointed permanent guardian of the estate and person, meaning my client’s mother will remain in the nursing home and all decisions thereafter will be made by AAA. We have filed an appeal. It is a shame to know that others are suffering at the hands of this Agency. They are ruining lives! Something must be done.

    • Dear Mr. Ugarte:
      Thank you for sticking up for the rights of people with disabilities to live independently as possible in their own communities, surrounded by family and supporters! I responded to you privately and I wish you and your client every success!

  2. Governor Wolf,
    I am writing on the general theme of mental health and restrictions. As insane as I think you are for legalizing marijuana in Pennsylvania for tax revenue, I am asking for government help to reunify with my seven year son William. I have been partaking in Professional Development courses from the SAS link for Act 48 credit and receiving good feedback from the instructors. I have an ACTIVE status k-6 teaching license in PA. I question its very legitimacy every day. I am restrained from maternal rights with my son by my own biological parents in Georgia and there is not legal basis except I am found incompetent by claiming political asylum in England October 1, 2013 then voluntarily returning without indication of safety 14 days later. Every issue I brought up in my political asylum claim is compounded and unaddressed. So many more added. I did not make a bomb threat against the US in London. I did not ask to speak to Obama at the US Embassy in London. I was not claiming to work for the CIA at the embassy.

    There is a class action lawsuit that was settled against Sheriff Butch Conway in Gwinnett County. I was not included in it. When I voluntarily admitted myself to Pennsylvania Hospital ER June 2015 for both trauma and intravenous antibiotics for staph sepsis, I was involuntarily dosed with Xanax in my iv and I walked out feeling very calm. I could not make it half way down the street and went into the psych unit Hall Mercer and was getting oral keflex and 10 mg Abilify for 48 hours then Jodi Foster MD/MBA allowed me to leave instead of re-admitting me to regular medical, where I could access my computers and have literate correspondence with lawyers and the UN. The PA Hospital record report claims I never reported abuse. University of Pennsylvania has a deep connection with my sister and the CIA in obtaining sole inheritance so that she can benefit University of Pennsylvania as an alumna contributor.

    The Patient Bill of Rights and the human rights policies for involuntary mental patients in Pennsylvania do not permit adequate access to professional communications devices and to fresh air and green space. They are abusive. University of Pennsylvania mental health is grossly unsound and it should not be permitted to continue to exist as it is. Doctor Julie Low has been appointed by the CIA as the Director of Mental Health for The Veterans Administrative Hospital in West Philadelphia and reports “research” to University of Pennsylvania. She is intolerably unethical and insane. She should not be legally permitted to practice medicine. Doctor Lawrence Real also is causing sick conspiracy and corruption and is inciting mental health issues in everyone he involves himself with in “mental health’. I was not guilty of reckless driving with the State Police and the situation I was in in 2009 was such gross conspiracy in a mental health system devised to cause corrupt profiteering. It serves no good purpose.

    My parents are seriously terribly bad and causing my son extremely serious mental health issues to the point where he would be determined schizophrenic very young. I do as well believe we both should have serious space from the US government from what we have both been experiencing.

    My undergraduate transcript is so insane from Temple University, it is not valid as a BA. They refuse to allow me to revise grades with something of a qualifying exam or assignment to revise the transcript so that I can transfer to other universities to grow. As an undergraduate I had expressed to Michael Maynard that I wanted to transfer to VCU Advertising Department and he assigned me poor grades as did other professors set me up so I could not even transfer out. It was a terrible school to have attended first semester 1994 and I tried to immediately transfer out and was caused mental health issues/poor advising so that I could not. It was the cheapest option and that is why my parents continued to force me there and pay for nothing else. What I experienced with my parents is so insane growing up, I am continuously tormented by them having my son. The adoption is not legal. There is no US legal system in place to support me in obtaining maternal rights. I am not a total idiot. I was denied access to my own employment hearing with the School District of Philadelphia 2010 and the record indicates that I was there in the building but the hearing commenced with a union member’s misrepresentation that I quit and the fire marshalls escorted me out. I am constantly being conspired against and denied due process due to the mental health legal system entirely. I did not quit. I care about creating quality educational experiences for children; especially those involving green space.
    I was sexually assaulted at 18 years by John du Pont at the Institute of University of Pennsylvania Hospital freshman year of college and the Philadelphia Detectives gave me an inaccurate name of the man when I asked to file a report. Doctor Chandra Key (revoke her medical license) and my mother threatened me that if I sued the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania Health system, because a woman who had hall duty allowed him permittance when I was sleeping in my room, they would retaliate in court by saying I promiscuous in high school. My journalism professor was Jean Brody Director of PR for the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital and Academic Advisor Andre Pate coordinated that. I could not attend her course and have a C and could not take any more journalism courses there.

    Pennsylvania Hospital coordinated rape with other psych hospitals including Belmont amongst mental patients and false reporting in mental hospitals. They shared information with Harvard McLean. They have a long history of the same foundational donors of Hall Mercer. They are both insanely corrupt, literally causing mental health issues and recidivism.

    The legal system in England denies due process to people accused of crimes. I never had a burden of proof requirement under the Mental Health Act for the charge of making a bomb threat. I was not tried in a criminal court system. I was never assigned a barrister but bad solicitors. It was a private male forensic hospital with a small coed acute unit where patients stayed more than seventy days and it was so detrimentally stigmatizing for any women to be sent there. It was so lewd and inappropriate and the reports say I was both unsanitary made by unsanitary workers and that I was “warm and friendly” to the other patients. They were vaping. I was not. I believe vapes are an ISIS drug.

    There was a false report that I left the sleeping area to isolate in the first level quiet room because I was hearing voices speaking to me in my room, which is entirely untrue. I separated because there were numerous covid cases in the patient rooms and the workers in the narrow hallways were causing such unsanitary conditions there I had to separate myself entirely.

    There are now implants placed in my brain from Virginia Hospital Center late July during the involuntary admissions process. It vibrates and someone busses some sort of speech out of it sometimes. It was dormant but the CIA made certain I knew in September that I should fly out and have it removed. I do not have indication that my seven year son does not have one.

    I mean this publicly to the United Nations is there any system in place so that we can both fly out together to have it removed?

    If the Department of Education decided in 2017 to uphold my teaching license why can’t they disclose the discovery they have on the Gwinnett jail issue? Is there anyone there who can coordinate our reunification. Everything that happens here seems to cause my son and us both mental health issues. I don’t want him returning to his outdoors day camp in Georgia and I would like us both to be developing serious professional skills. His experience is worse than mine as a child with my parents and it is a total nightmare being separated.

    From a federal perspective in any state, a patient should not be force drugged in an involuntary hospitalization during an admissions process. They are denied due process or a total denial to any court system by doing that. No one would voluntarily submit to this at all of reasonable mind.

    Lauren Verdant
    Formerly Lauren A Sykes

  3. Listen to this podcast interview by Karen Koch who talks about the disappearace of David Italiano and why it is so urgent HERE

  4. Thank you Philip for this wonderful letter! I believe that taking risks is important for personal development. Many who have been exposed to institutional living develop a ‘learned helplessness’ that can take a considerable amount of time to recover from. I believe in the right of individuals to make mistakes and I believe this right should be extended to all individuals, including those perceived to have a disability. My daughter is a psychiatric survivor; Every time she takes a risk, I feel conflict between the need to protect her from harm and the need for her to develop good judgement. I prefer to err on the side of giving her the space she needs to make her own mistakes, and learn from them. This can be very hard for me but when her risk taking yields, fruit, we all celebrate together. Someone, a peer on many advisory committees, recently explained to me the difference between system-centered care and service -centered care and person-centered care. Although David was not psychiatrically detained to my knowledge, there are many parallels between the mental health care system which uses force and coercion/force and the system of care involving guardianship for those perceived to be disabled. They both use outdated paternalistic decision making models. The INSTITUTION is perceived to be at risk, not the individual.

  5. It’s encouraging to see the outpouring of support and advocacy on David’s behalf. I just called and left messages with the following this morning: the Huntingdon County Commissioner’s office, the office of state senator Irvin and WPCN, a public radio station in Huntingdon County.

    • Russel, I think calls are as important, maybe even more important than letters. With phone calls, even if you go to VM, one has the opportunity to speak from the heart! And I know you to have a HUGE heart! Be well, friend and thank you for your diligent efforts!

  6. Last week I sent emails to both Senator Toomey and state representative Irvin. Today I sent this email to the five county commissioners.

    Greetings and salutations commissioner,
    I will be brief as I know you are busy. It has been nearly a year since David Italiano was disappeared in Pennsylvania’s broken guardianship system. The guardianship system is a black hole into which many elderly people, psychiatric survivors, and people with disabilities fall into, often with lethal consequences. Please take action today to find and free David Italiano. The Huntingdon County AAA has assumed guardianship of David Italiano against David’s wishes and they will not disclose his whereabouts or confirm his safety. They have not and will not allow him to have contact with his chosen advocate, Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living, in accordance with Pennsylvania’s guardianship statutes and in accordance with David’s civil liberties under the Olmstead Ruling. I am not an expert in these things, but I have been following this poor man’s situation for a few weeks, and I find it truly scary and disturbing. I have yet to hear any explanation from a responsible or official source about what is being or will be done. Can you help and look into this matter, not just for this man’s sake, but for others who might also suffer similar fates? The goal of this email is to find him, confirm his safety, and make sure that he is respected and treated like a human being as opposed to being locked up in a nursing home or wherever he is! It is imperative that we find David and assure his safety. Please act today! I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer to those trying to find this man. Thank you. John Wachter, concerned citizen of PA.

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