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Yulia Mikhailova has a daughter who experienced a close brush with harmful, forced psychiatry. Although her daughter is safe and doing much better today, Yulia was left with an overwhelming desire to see a major paradigm shift in how we treat individuals in distress. She is a history professor in New Mexico and knows that a rights-based mental health system requires a sweeping cultural shift in how our society supports individuals in distress. This in turn requires consciousness raising. We can no longer rely on mental health advocacy organizations which are influenced by the tremendous amount of funding they receive from pharmaceutical companies.

She sees the media as having an critical role in this respect but they need to step up. She asks for the media to conduct more balanced reporting as it concerns mental health issues by including the voices of those who have been deeply harmed by forced psychiatry.

She wrote an open letter which Jim Gottstein, founder of PsychRights called “Excellent and well worth the time to read and share”

Please read the letter HERE and be a co-signer. Help make a difference today. Sign and share with your friends. Help Yulia obtain 5,000 signatures so this letter

Please read this letter today HERE and share with your friends!

Help Yulia get the thousands of signatures needed to get reporters to take notice!

If you wish to write to Yulia, her contact information follows:

Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Fitch Hall
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801