Even though today, 10 December 2008, is International Human Rights Day… Ray Sandford received another involuntary electroshock on an outpatient, maintenance basis.

For a while there, Ray had his hopes up. On behalf of Ray we contacted Ray’s attorney Jon Duckstad and asked that a last-minute stay be obtained to stop today’s electroshock. Ray said that last night his lawyer told him he would try to get a judge’s signature on a stay.Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Ray’s involuntary outpatient electroshock went forward today.

Ironically, today is International Human Rights Day. And it’s the 60th Anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Human rights violations happen every day, including on this day.

The good news is that Ray’s attorney did obtain a new exam and a new hearing, based on Ray’s request and  encouraged MindFreedom’s Ray Campaign. This Monday is his exam — he desperately needs to have an independent mental health professional assist in examining him. The re-hearing is then scheduled for the next day Tuesday. We hope anyone in Minneapolis/St. Paul area will try to attend.

For more information on the Ray Campaign click here.

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