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Success Stories from the MindFreedom Shield

The MindFreedom Shield campaign is a campaign intended to protect one another from involuntary psychiatric procedures through mutual support. When a registered Shield member is threatened with coerced psychiatry, that member is able to instantly activate a public alert system, which prompts Shield members to speak up for that one individual. Read More

Roll With Us National Adapt Protest

Opposing Washington State's SB 5720 “Involuntary Treatment Act”

SB 5720 “Involuntary Treatment Act” is on its way to Governor Inslee for consideration. It is proposed to go into effect January 1, 2021. Action is needed to express our views as peers, persons in recovery, and people with disabilities. All these groups and perhaps even more vulnerable people are the subject of this law.  Read More

protest the american psychiatric association

Protesting the American Psychiatric Association

Protest the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is a protest annually held against the APA meeting every May, intended to publicize the forced psychiatric treatment within the mental health system.  Read More

i got better campaign

I Got Better - Stories of Recovery

Every day people like you are defying the all-too-common message that recovery from mental and emotional distress is impossible. The I Got Better campaign will make research and stories of recovery and hope in mental health widely available through a variety of media.  Read More

mad pride campaign

MFI's Mad Pride Campaign

The concept of Mad Pride is to acknowledge each person’s differences and the fact that “all of us are different; no one has a grip on reality, and we're all on the edge. So, celebrate!”  Read More

electroshock protest

MFI Ireland's Annual "Stop the Shock" Protests

According to the director of MindFreedom Ireland, Mary Maddock, said, “Electro-shock is a barbaric assault on the individual. As a young mother after the birth of my daughter, I was subjected to 16 sessions of it and suffered permanent memory loss as a result. I have spoken to many others who have received it both in Ireland and abroad and all have received permanent brain damage. MindFreedom Ireland is calling for the total abolition of electro shock." Read More

creative maladjustment week

Creative Maladjustment Week

The inspiration for CMW derives from this quote by Dr. Martin Luther King: “The salvation of the world lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.” MindFreedom believed that he was right, and those at MindFreedom were working to fulfill Martin Luther King's dream of non-conformity and loving, non-violent revolution, by celebrating maladjustments to areas of society that needed some dissent!  Read More

creative revolution conference 2014

Creative Revolution in Healing Conference

The conferece focused on supporting the growth of workable alternatives to the mental health system. Alternatives promoted at this conference included (and was not limited to) safe houses, drug-free centers, peer support, emotional healing, poetry, music, drama, performance, writing, journaling, fun & games, liberation, activism, nutrition, and exercise.  Read More

fast for freedom hunger strike

'Fast for Freedom' Hunger Strike

On August 16, 2003, MFI declared a hunger strike to challenge the human rights violation in the mental health care system. The hunger strikers protested against the medical model known as “biopsychiatry,” which is a belief that chemical imbalances and genetic determinism are the only causes of mental illness. Read More