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Story of the MFI Directory of Alternatives

While the mental health system has a lot of heartbreaking abuse, there are also a lot of caring, effective mental health professionals.

MFI is dedicated to help people who have experienced abuse, neglect and harm at the hands of health care providers. According to an MFI survey, most of MFI’s members identify as psychiatric survivors.

Survivors of psychiatric violations should have extra reassurance about the quality and ethics of their mental health provider. While no guarantee, taking a pledge is a sign a provider understands the special, complex needs of those who have been harmed by people who were supposed to help.

The MFI Choice in Mental Health Campaign created and oversees this directory. One of these leaders (pictured above speaking at a protest of the American Psychiatric Association) is full-time mental health counselor and author Matthew Morrissey, who is on the MFI Board.

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