Meet the board of directors of MindFreedom International.

Celia Brown, MFI Board President

Celia Brown is board president of MindFreedom International. Widely respected throughout the psychiatric survivor activist movement for her courage and warmth, Celia is also chair of MindFreedom’s Global Campaign Committee, and leads MindFreedom’s delegation inside the United Nations. Celia Brown is also on the board of National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy. Celia is an African American psychiatric survivor who works as a mental health advocate in New York City.

Krista Erickson



Krista Erickson is a leader in the cross-disability community. Krista is a psychiatric survivor who works in a center for independent living for people with disabilities in Illinois. Krista participated in the MindFreedom hunger strike.

Janet Foner





Janet Foner is a psychiatric survivor with a master’s degree, M.P.S.SC., in community
psychology. She co-founded and co-coordinated Support Coalition, 1990 to 2000. From 1978 on Janet helped develop the movement of psychiatric survivors within the International Re-evaluation Counseling Communities, co-wrote the policy booklet, “What’s Wrong with the Mental Health System and What Can Be Done About It”, and in 1992 became the International Liberation Reference Person for Mental Health System Survivors for that organization; currently International Liberation Reference Person for Mental Health Liberation.

Al Galves, PhD



Al Galves, PhD is a dissident psychologist and mental health consumer who lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico and is also on the board of International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology. Al is a licensed psychologist in Colorado and a licensed school psychologist in New Mexico.




Mary Maddock is a founder of MindFreedom Ireland, and lives in Cork Ireland with her husband Jim. Mary is a former nun who married Jim to start a family. During the birth of her child, Mary had a negative reaction to anesthesia, and psychiatrists placed her in a psychiatric institution and put her on psychiatric drugs. Mary also had a negative reaction to these prescriptions, and so the doctors gave her involuntary electroshock. After years of dependence on the psychiatric system, Mary found MindFreedom and the mad movement. With support from Jim, her music (Mary is a songwriter), her swimming and much more…. Mary managed to totally leave the psychiatric system. Mary co-authored with Jim a book about this experience entitled, “Soul Survivor: A Personal Encounter With Psychiatry” (available in MindFreedom’s Mad Market).



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