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Update: Revised Bill Passes

April 8, 2024.  The amended bill passed both the House and the Senate on April 3rd and the Governor signed it on April 8th.  It is set to go into effect July 1st.

Update:  Not Dead Yet?

March 28, 2024. There was a series of procedural moves resulting in an amendment to S1254 that allows electroshocking children down to age 14, but imposes a lot of requirements.

(2) Electroconvulsive therapy may be administered to a child fourteen (14) years of age or older only if:

(a) There is informed consent by the parent, guardian, or custodian of the child and all reasonable attempts have been made to contact any noncustodial parent with all information regarding the proposed therapy;

(b) The child does not object to the procedure after being informed of the proposed therapy and alternatives;

(c) No parent, guardian, or custodian of the child objects to the proposed therapy;

(d) All other accepted methods of treatment have been exhausted; such treatment is necessary to save the child’s life due to potential suicide; or such therapy is necessary to prevent irreparable injury resulting from conditions of self-harm, starvation, dehydration, or physical exhaustion bordering on serious collapse, to the extent that such condition is life threatening;

(e) The child has received thorough, independent psychiatric assessments by, and approval for the therapy from, two (2) separate American board of psychiatry-certified psychiatrists specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry, at least one (1) of whom shall demonstrate advanced certification in electroconvulsive therapy.

(f) The child is given a cognitive assessment that includes an assessment of memory, which shall be performed:

(i) Prior to administration of the therapy;
(ii) Immediately following termination of the therapy; and
(iii) Three (3) to six (6) months post administration of the therapy; and

(g) The therapy is performed in a facility licensed as a hospital pursuant to chapter 13, title 39, Idaho Code.”;

Stay tuned.

Update: Bill Killed?

March 27, 2024, We have been informed by an Idaho House member that being placed on the General Orders Calendar means it is unlikely to be seen again this session.

From: Representative Todd Achilles <>
Date: Wed, Mar 27, 2024 at 8:00 AM
Subject: Re: Bill S1354

Thank you for your note.

S1354 has been sent to general orders which means it is highly unlikely to be seen again this session.

This is a controversial topic and I appreciate your perspective so that we can develop the best policy for Idaho families.




It looks like we killed it.

Thank you to everyone who e-mailed Idaho House members!!

Update:  Placed on General Orders Calendar

March 26, 2024.  S1354 was listed on today’s Third Reading calendar, which means it was set for a final vote before it would be sent to the Governor for signing into law.  The current bill status states that today it is “to be placed on General Orders, no objection” and is now listed on tomorrow’s “General Orders” calendar.  We don’t know what that means for sure, but it has clearly been slowed down by our efforts.  Perhaps they are going to return it to the committee.  We received copies of the more than 50 e-mails to the Idaho House and will be posting some of them in the comments section.  If you sent an e-mail to the Idaho House members you can post it there.

Update: Vote Delayed

March 25, 2024. S1354, the bill to allow electroshocking children down to the age of 12 was set to be voted on the floor of the Idaho House of Representatives today, but they didn’t get to it. Over 50 e-mails have been sent to all of the members of the Idaho House of Representatives. We know of at least one member who was going to vote for it who is going to vote against it as a result of the e-mails. If you haven’t sent an e-mail opposing S1354 to all of the members of the Idaho House of Representatives there is still time to do so by sending it to .


Oppose Idaho Bill to Allow Electroshocking 12-Year-Olds

March 24, 2024. We just found out that Idaho is set to pass a bill, S1354, to allow children down to the age of 12 to be electroshocked. See Statement of Purpose. The bill passed the Idaho Senate and may be scheduled for a final vote in the Idaho House tomorrow. See Bill Status.

Our partner, PsychRights, has set up the e-mail address to go to all of the members of the Idaho House of Representatives as individual e-mails from the sender.

Jim Gottstein, MindFreedom Board Member and president of PsychRights sent the Idaho House the following e-mail which might be useful in drafting your own e-mail:

This is to express vehement opposition to S1354.  I am the president of the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights) whose mission is to mount a strategic litigation campaign against forced psychiatric drugging and Electroshock.  Electroshock, euphemistically referred to as Electro-Convulsive Therapy or ECT, is barbarous when administered to adults, and should be a crime when administered to children.   The people supporting S1354, whether intentionally or not, are not telling the truth.  Please find attached PsychRights and Committee for Truth in Psychiatry submission to FDA opposing reclassification of electroshock machines, March 25, 2016, documenting the great harm from Electroshock without any lasting benefit.  The evidence cited therein as well as a tremendous amount of other evidence has been compiled on the Electroshock Webpage at

Please do not allow S1354 become law.

The short notice was unavoidable, but it is conceivable we can stop this train.