Recommendations for speaking engagements and workshops by David W. Oaks

You can read a few of the words of praise from people who have had David W. Oaks, MindFreedom International director, speak or provide a workshop.

Page Plenary was “illuminating and inspiring” at ISEPP in Los Angeles.
On 29 October 2011, David Oaks was one of the plenary speakers at the annual conference in Los Angeles of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP). The ISEPP director, author and psychologist Al Galves, PhD recommends Oaks for speaking engagements.
Page Oaks is “fascinating speaker… welcome anytime.”
Kevin McGehee, President of the ShelterCare Consumer Council, appreciated a presentation by David Oaks on 21 October 2011 at the Bill Uhlhorn Program, part of ShelterCare in Eugene, Oregon.
Page Mexico City: “The visit by David Oaks was very rewarding.”
In August 2011, Disability Rights International (DRI) brought David Oaks to Mexico City to give a training workshop for mental health consumer/psychiatric survivor members of “Colectivo Chuhcan.” Here is their positive group evaluation and feedback.
Page “wonderful and engaging”… “knowledge, humor, optimism” shown at University of Oregon presentation.
Jennifer M. Henke, PhD, Adjunct Professor at the University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon provides this recommendation after David Oaks addressed her class about social movements on 25 May 2011.
Page “intrigued and empowered a large audience” at Capitol Theater in Olympia, Washington.
On 4 March 2011, David spoke in Capitol Theater in Olympia, Washington, on the subject, “”Curing Normality: The Mental Health Revolution.” The event co-sponsored by several social change and student. Event organizer Levi Chambers said, “David appeals to academics, scientists, and the average person…”
Page “He does not disappoint,” says Dr. Bonnie Burstow, about David Oaks in Toronto’s psychOUT.
The main organizer of the historic psychOUT international conference in Toronto in May 2010, was Bonnie Burstow, PhD, on the faculty of University of Toronto. Dr. Burstow says, “We were absolutely delighted with David’s presentation.”
Page Oaks has “contagious positive energy” says key organizer of psychOUT Conference in Toronto
On 7 May 2010, David Oaks provided a keynote to the international activist conference PsychOut in Toronto, Canada. Organizer Shaindl Diamond here provides a positive evaluation and ‘thank you.’
Page “Effective and powerful presentation” at City Club of Eugene for David W. Oaks Keynote Presentation
Jerry Diethelm, President of the City Club of Eugene, thanks David Oaks for being on a keynote panel with TC Dumas, PhD and mental health counselor Ron Unger, in Eugene, Oregon, on 15 January 2010, Martin Luther King’s 81st birthday. Their panel linked up organizing for human rights in mental health, with the inspiration of the Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement.
Page “Memorable… well received… admirable”: David Oaks as a keynote speaker for MVBCN Second Annual Recovery Retreat/Conference
Here is a recommendation from Helen Lara, who is a mental health consumer affiars community organizer for Mid Valley Behavioral Care Network (BCN).
Page Harvard University event organizers “impressed by David’s professionalism and steadfastness”
The Harvard Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy Group (MHAAG) invited David to speak on the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts on a Sunday afternoon, 4 October 2009. The Lowell House Junior Common Room was about full, as David spoke to a diverse and lively audience that included Harvard students, a professor, and community members, many of whom identified themselves as mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors. Here is the recommendation for the presentation from the Co-Chairs of MHAAG.
Page “Powerhouse” says co-presenter about David Oaks leadership in workshop on cross-disability and mental health consumers/psychiatric survivors making change together.
Bjo Ashwill was one of the organizers of the four-hour workhop on 11 June 2009 in Eugene, Oregon entitled, “AMPLIFY THE VOICE OF MENTAL HEALTH CLIENTS: How Disability and Mental Health Consumer/Psychiatric Survivor Communities Can Make Change Together!” Here is her recommendation of David Oaks
Page “Received standing ovation”: David Oaks keynote at key state-wide Maine event.
In October 2009, the “Advocacy Initiative Network” (AIN), a state-wide organization in Maine, had David Oaks keynote, present two workshops, staff a panel, and co-facilitate an all-day work session between the two state-wide organizations in Maine. Here’s the review from Melinda Davis, director of AIN:
Page “You made a strong connection” says Jacqueline Novet of Hawthorn House
David spoke at Hawthorn House, a program of the ShelterCare in Eugene, Oregon, in November 2008, here’s feedback from event organizer Jacqueline Novet.
Page “Impassioned, analytic, eloquent” says Professor Robert Menzies for David W. Oaks Keynote Speech at Madness and Citizenship
On 12 June 2008, David W. Oaks provided the single keynote address for the major conference “Madness, Citizenship and Social Justice” sponsored by Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Here’s the review provided by the main conference organizer, Professor Robert Menzies.
Page “Passion, commitment, deep awareness” says Rollin Shelton
Rollin Shelton, a long-time advocate for human rights and alternatives of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors, gives a recommendation on a number of talks he has heard by David, including “Forming a New State-Wide Coalition in Oregon of Mental Health Consumers and Psychiatric Survivors!” at the Portland Public Library on 15 February 2008. (A DVD of this talk is available from Flying Focus Video.)
Page “Powerful, important message” to World Psychiatric Association Congress in Prague, says Debra Shulkes
Every three years the World Psychiatric Association holds its World Congress. David W. Oaks was a ‘special lecturer” on the topic of human rights at the WPA World Congress in 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic. The title of the talk was, “An Urgent Need for Dialogue About a ‘Global Emergency’ of Human Rights Violations in Mental Health Care.” Activist Debra Shulkes of Prague was in the audience, and gives this reaction.
Page Even more recommendations for David W. Oaks for speaking engagements and workshops.
Here are a few more recommendations from earlier speaking engagements and workshops by David W. Oaks, Director of MindFreedom International, at human rights events.

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