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Here is a news release from MindFreedom Ireland about their protest of electroshock to be held on Saturday, 20 May 2009 in Cork, Ireland.


Mary and Jim Maddock of MindFreedom Ireland are helping to organize the protest in Cork, Ireland of electroshock.

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“Do they still do that?” is the response of most people when told that electroshock (‘ECT’) is still administered in Irish psychiatric hospitals today.  Not only is it still administered, it is actually on the increase worldwide.

Electroshock involves administering a shock of up to 400 volts to the brains of people who are depressed.  From its first use in the 1930’s, it has always been a controversial practice.  It causes the victim to have a grand mal seizure and though today, anesthetic and muscle relaxant drugs are used, it is accepted even by prominent shock promoter Dr. Harold Sackeim of Columbia University in his own latest research, that brain damage and dysfunction occurs in every case.

For many people it is a terrifying experience and if they do not wish to receive it, the Mental Health Act of 2001 (Section 59) allows for them to be over-ruled by the professional opinion of two psychiatrists.  This is a human rights violation.  Currently, there is a Private Members Motion in the names of Senators Deirdre de Burca , Dan Boyle and David Norris before the Senate which seeks to place a ban on the use of forced ECT.

The protest will take place outside The Peace Park on Grand Parade, Cork from 2pm  to 5pm on Saturday May 30th.  Electro shock survivors will give public testimony and messages of solidarity from overseas will also be read along with supporting statements from local and national politicians.

The protest, the third since 2007, is being organised by MindFreedom Ireland, a group which campaigns for human rights in the mental health system specifically in relation to the over-prescription of drugs, forced injections and involuntary detention.

Jim Maddock,
MindFreedom Ireland.
Phone: 021 4894303.
086 0624445.


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