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Folder RAPS
Relatives and Allies of Psychiatric Survivors
Folder PsychRights is a sponsor group based in Alaska, USA.
Folder NARPA
National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy is the founding organization that launched MindFreedom International’s coalition.
Folder MindFreedom Oregon News Zone
This web folder of news about a nonviolent revolution in Oregon’s mental health system is sponsored by MindFreedom Oregon, a state-wide affiliate uniting Oregonians for human rights and alternatives in the mental health system.
News Item ADA Watch Sponsors “The Road to Freedom”
Follow the latest news from a one-year national bus tour to promote the strength of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). ADA Watch is a MFI Sponsor Group.
Folder MindFreedom Chicagoland
News and information about forming a new affiliate in the northern Illinois area.
Folder Freedom Center
Freedom Center based in Northamptom, Massachusetts provides free alternatives and promotes human rights in the mental health system.
Folder MindFreedom New York State
This is an emerging affiliate, networking small groups, individuals and sponsors throughout New York State. Please note there is both a NY State e-mail discussion list for members, and a public news list for all.
Folder MindFreedom Massachustts
Folder MindFreedom Maine
Folder MindFreedom Virginia
Folder Altered States of the Arts
Altered States of the Arts, co-founded by Howie the Harp, Gayle Bluebird and others, celebrates the creativity of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors.
Folder West Virginia Mental Health Consumers Association
WVMHCA is a nonprofit that speaks out for mental health clients in West Virginia, USA.
News Item Alert: Say ‘NO’ to NY Forced Psychiatric Drugging of ‘Ann L’
A New York citizen is being forced to take psychiatric drugs on an outpatient basis out in the community. How you can take easy action via the web to say “no.” Update: Now with ocal contats.
Folder M-POWER is a sponsor group in Massachusetts.
M-POWER is trained to use community organizing to work on key issues of interest to mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors in the Boston Area.
Folder MindFreedom California Activities
News and events by sponsors and affiliates in California, USA.
Folder MindFreedom Florida
News of the revolution in mental health, and the MindFreedom affiliate being formed, in the sunshine state.
Folder MindFreedom State of Washington
MindFreedom State of Washington is an affiliate of MindFreedom International.
Folder MindFreedom Moms
Mothers whose children have been traumatized by the mental health system speak up.
Folder MindFreedom Texas Affiliate
Information and news about the MindFreedom Texas affiliate.
Folder Wellness Wordworks in Kansas City, Kansas
Activist Corinna West is an electroshock survivor, and a founder of a psychiatric survivor business called Wellness Wordworks. Corinna is also helping to start a MindFreedom Kansas affiliate.
Folder Rethinking Psychiatry Folder
In Portland, Oregon, the sponsor group Rethinking Psychiatry held a successful symposium which has become an annual event, as well as a film festival and more.

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