BELOW is a forwarded message from a BBC reporter who is visiting in California to work on a mental health story.

MindFreedom California News

19 November 2012

Hi, reader of MindFreedom California News.

Specifically, BBC is working on a documentary about what it is like to be diagnosed “bipolar.” Since the crew is based in Los Angeles, California, they’d especially like to interview individuals with that diagnosis in that area.

BBC has mainly so far been reaching out via mental health groups so it would be good if they can hear from more diverse voices who may provide alternative points not usually covered. Just please respect their time.

AT BOTTOM is the networking email from BBC.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: These disclaimers are especially important if you are new to engaging with mainstream media: MFI is simply forwarding the below message from BBC. Forwarding is not necessarily an endorsement. If you are interested or have questions, use the contact data provided below to contact the BBC reporters, rather than go through us. There is absolutely *NO* guarantee on the results of working with any media — no guarantee about if they will contact you, if they may ever use your material, or how they may edit it or frame it. Repeat: NO GUARANTEE. 



BBC Documentaries | 7th Floor Zone B, New Broadcasting House, New Portland Place, London W1A 1AA


We are writing to you from the BBC Documentary Department, based in London. We are currently undertaking research for a human interest film which explores what it is like to live with bipolar disorder from the perspective of those who have it, and the impact it may have on relationships with family and loved ones.

The BBC Documentary Department has a record of producing thoughtful, actuality-based documentaries on a number of sensitive issues, for which we’ve received critical praise and awards. Our approach is emphatically non-tabloid, exploring issues by experiencing the day-to-day life of those involved. Our office makes documentaries which we film internationally and we are hoping to base this particular project in California.

We have come out to LA as part of an initial research trip and we are hoping to speak to people who have bipolar and their families, who would be willing to share their experiences with us.  We do not wish to do any filming and at this stage we’re asking for nothing more than a conversation – getting in touch doesn’t commit you to taking part in the documentary in any way. We simply want to gain a better insight into bipolar disorder and the impact it can have.

We will be in California until Wednesday the 28th of November and would like to speak to and meet as many people as we can in this time. If people were happier to speak on the phone rather than meet in person then this would also be fine.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We hope to hear from you.

Very best wishes,

Jamie Pickup and Jennifer Forde.

Jamie’s cell phone – 480 845 7799 (until November 28th, after which date please email)

Jamie’s email –

Jennifer’s cell phone – 213 280 3669 (until November 22th, after which date please email)

Jennifer’s email –