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Lauren Tenney reports about the campaign in New York State to remember the life and death of Esmin Green. Ms. Green died very publicly in 2008 in a psychiatric emergency room, and the security video tape was shown to millions. One year later, on 19 June 2009, We the People, with co-sponsorship from other groups such as MindFreedom, held a vigil to remember, and educate the public. The day began with two people doing civil disobedience.


Esmin Green


News Report on Esmin Green Campaign 2009

by Lauren Tenney


Candles lit during 2009 vigil to remember Esmin Green.Thank you to all who publicly and privately supported WE THE PEOPLE in our efforts to demand our human rights and call for justice for Esmin Green who was murdered-by neglect at the Kings County Hospital Center Psychiatric Emergency Room June 19, 2008.

WE THE PEOPLE hope that with this news, even more of you will sign on to our efforts publicly (

An update of where we stand and what you can still do:

On June 19, 2009, 21 days after WE THE PEOPLE put forth our demands to the New York City Department of Investigations to release the report of the investigation into the death of Esmin Green, the report was released to WE THE PEOPLE and Sanford Rubenstein, Esq., the attorney for Ms. Green’s family who also worked to have it released.  Additionally, the report of the investigation into Ms. Green’s death was sent to District Attorney Charles Hynes’ office on June 19, 2009 “for whatever action they deem appropriate” (p. 17 or the report).

The work of WE THE PEOPLE continues.

We need to reach out to the District Attorney’s office to ensure that they file appropriate criminal charges to hold responsible those who acted with gross negligence and those who falsified records in an attempted cover-up of Ms. Green’s death.  Details on how you can help to do this will follow.

June 19, 2009 —

For photos from the 2009 vigil click here.

Beginning at 5:32 AM (the time of Ms. Green’s collapse) thru 7:05 AM (the time of Ms. Green’s death), activists lay on the side walk in front of Kings County Hospital Center Psychiatric Emergency Room to call attention to her needless death.  Interestingly, while police and EMS workers driving by stopped to ask if we were dead, and others passing by inquired, it was not until 6:25 AM that employees entering the building stopped to ask if we were OK.   At 7:03 employees could be seen looking at us, but no official from the facility ever came out to talk with us. At 7:05 AM we announced that we would be back to demonstrate for our human rights and justice for Esmin Green.  (for video:

On June 19, 2009 WE THE PEOPLE held a demonstration for our human rights from 5 to 8 PM.

It was an amazing effort that continues to bring our community closer together.

MC’d by Dally Sanchez, Daniel Hazen, and Eva Dech, the crowd of more than 100 people throughout the night, roared for five hours with demands for our human rights and justice for Esmin Green.

Speakers included Marian Merlino, Kathryn Cascio, Tina Minkowitz, Anita Cameron, David Gonzalez, Rolando Bini, Sabrina Johnson, Leah Harris, George Badillo, Lauren Tenney, and Sanford Rubenstein, Esq., the attorney for Ms. Green’s family.

At 8 PM Mai Muna led us in “We Shall Overcome” and opened the candle light vigil in memory of Esmin Green with “Take My Hand”.

A speak-out followed.

At the demonstration WE THE PEOPLE made demands that the Health and Hospitals Corporation meet with us and immediately create mechanisms for Independent External Advocacy throughout the entire HHC system and comply with human rights, International Law, and the UN Treaties.

We are following HHC closely today for a response and will continue to do so until action comes.

Media coverage of the demonstration and candle light vigil included WABC, WNBC, WCBS, NY1, Channel 12, Islip TV, the Daily News and many other independent writers and photographers.

If you have not already signed on to this effort to call for criminal charges in the death of Esmin Green and demands for our human rights, you can do so at

Stay tuned for how you can still help.

In Solidarity,
Lauren Tenney
(516) 319-4295

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