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City of Eugene

Information about MindFreedom Lane County activities and news specific to the City of Eugene.

Folder City of Eugene Resolution for Choice in Mental Health
After years of work, the City of Eugene City Council considered a resolution affirming the city’s commitment to choice in mental health care, especially to more non-drug choices. You may download a PDF here of the resolution, as well as a background memo.
Folder Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy
Information, photographs and poster about how mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors met with City of Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy.
Folder City of Eugene Police and Mental Health
The City of Eugene, like many cities, is re-examining the role of police in responding to individuals who are considered to be in a mental health crisis. Depending on whether or not principles of empowerment and self-determination and humane alternatives are included, such re-examinations could be beneficial or harmful.

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