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A new alliance called the “Opal Network” is beginning in Lane County, Oregon to support the voice, empowerment and self-determination of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors. All agencies involved with mental health, along with all interested mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors, are invited to the initial meeting on Tuesday, 29 May 2007.


Opal Whiteley, one of Lane County’s most famous authors, was a psychiatric survivor.

News Release

Announcing: The Opal Network*


Second Opal Network Meeting is already happening, click here!

We are launching a new network in Lane County to support the voice, self-determination and empowerment of mental health clients. Join us!

All are welcome and invited!

When: 2 pm to 4 pm, Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Where: Bascom-Tykeson Room in the Eugene Public Library Main Building
100 W. 10th Ave., Eugene, Oregon, USA

We invite all agencies & organizations that work in the mental health field in Lane County to send representatives to this launch meeting. We especially encourage mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors to attend and join in!

Discuss and plan how we can all unite to support people diagnosed with a psychiatric disability in Lane County to address:

  • discrimination
  • human rights
  • the need for alternatives
  • advocacy
  • homelessness
  • police training
  • public education
  • and other concerns.

Free event. Wheelchair accessible.

Meeting co-chairs: Tracey Dumas of LCMHCSC and Bruce Abel of LaneCare


Special guest: Lane County Commissioner Peter Sorenson

Co-sponsoring groups so far include:

  • United Way of Lane County 100% Access Alternatives Subcommittee
  • Lane Independent Living Alliance (LILA)
  • City of Eugene Subcommittee on Human Rights and Mental Health
  • Laurel Hill Center and Laurel Hill Center Client Council
  • ShelterCare and ShelterCare Client Council
  • MindFreedom Lane County
  • Lane County Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Advisory Council
  • LaneCare
  • Life & Universe
  • White Bird new mental health information project
  • Trauma Healing Project
  • Center for Family Development
  • Safe/Wonderland
  • Direction Service


If your group would like to be listed as a sponsor contact us soon.


  1. Brief introductions
  2. Spotlighting several agencies’ new initiatives for mental health client empowerment
  3. Brainstorm to hear your ideas for future projects to support the voice of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors.

Questions? Email to Claire at or phone 710-4001 and leave a message.


*This new alliance in Lane County is named after Opal Whitely (1897 – 1992). Opal was a famous author with a psychiatric diagnosis who lived in Lane County.


For more information about Opal click here.
[updated 20 May 2007]

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