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A panel on the movement to change the mental health system and its connection to wider struggles for civil rights was held in Eugene, Oregon on 15 January 2010. The speeches by David Oaks, Tracey “TC” Dumas, and Ron Unger are now available online as text, video or audio.


Tracy “TC” Dumas, PhD

The City Club of Eugene panel “Voice, Choice and Human Rights in Mental Health Care” is now available in audio, text and video formats online.

On the panel were:

  • David W. Oaks, director, MindFreedom International
  • Tracey “TC” Dumas, PhD
  • Ron Unger, mental health counselor

The panel linked the movement to change the mental health system to theinfluence of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement in general.

The panel also addressed enacting empowerment guidelines for Lane County Mental Health Clients.

Many are familiar with complaints about the mental health system, butnow MindFreedom and allied consumers/survivors have writtenguidelines for change and are asking that LaneCare and Lane CountyMental Health officially adopt them.

Said Ron Unger, coordinator of MindFreedom Lane County:

“What these guidelines aim at is a mental health system truly orientedaround the rights of people, and around their long term, not just shortterm, interests.

“They envision a mental health system that is more likely to listen tothe voices of those it is trying to help; one that recognizes thatthere are differences in what works for different people; one thatfosters realistic hope for regaining healthy self direction; and onethat recognizes that being “normal” is not the only way to be healthy.

“2010 could begin a new decade of increased respect for voice, choice,and human rights in Mental Health: Let’s all ask Lane County to agreeto make these improvements become standard in mental health care!”

The City Club of Eugene web site has panelist information and photos here:


Listen Online

You can listen to an MP3 recording of the panel from the KLCC-FM web archives here:


Watch Online

The speech given by David Oaks can be viewed on YouTube, here:

Watch Tracey “TC” Dumas’s speech on YouTube, here:


The panel can also be viewed on Ustream, here:


Listen at the Eugene Public Library

In a few weeks, an audiotape of the whole event will be available at the Eugene Public Library. Check with the Adult Reference librarian for availability at 541-682-5450 or email:

Read the Text of the Speeches


You can read the original text of each panelist’s speech (the final is a bit different) by clicking on the links below:


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