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A report on the recent meeting between the OCSC, Mental Health America, and Governor Ted Kulongoski.


Ted Kulongoski meets with OCSC delegation

by Rebecca Eichhorn

In June 2008, representatives from the Oregon Consumer Survivor Coalition (OCSC), Mental Health America, and several individual consumers were invited to meet with Governor Ted Kulongoski. The purpose of this historic meeting was to brief the Governor on matters concerning mental health and consumer affairs in Oregon.

The hour long conversation offered an opportunity to familiarize the governor with issues facing consumers and the public mental health services.

Some of the topic discussed at the meeting included:

** The history of the consumer movement

** the concept of “recovery”

** consumer/survivors as partners in treatment

** peer support services, and

** the need for a continuum of mental health services.

The Governor set the agenda and led the conversation asking questions and indicating genuine interest in each topic discussed. There was not enough time to cover the Governor’s entire agenda. However, the topics that were discussed seemed well received and layed the foundation for a future meeting and continued dialogue with the Governor regarding consumer voice and issues facing the mental health system.

Rebecca Eichhorn, MS
OCSC Board Member
Consumer Affairs Specialist
Consumer Care Partnerships

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