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The New York Times ran a new story on 23 March 2007 that again exposes corruption by Eli Lilly in its promotion of its psychiatric drug Zyprexa. The Times has run quite a number of pieces ever since the formerly-secret Zyprexa files were exposed by PsychRights founder attorney Jim Gottstein, who leaked the documents to NY Times journalist Alex Berenson.


James B. Gottstein, a lawyer who represents the mentally ill, said the documents about Zyprexa’s side effects raised public health issues. [photo by Joshua Borough for The New York Times[

NY Times continues exposure of Eli Lilly’s corrupt and illegal marketing practices involving Zyprexa


Despite The New York Times widespread coverage of the secretfiles, Eli Lilly did not name The NY Times in its request for apermanent order from US District Court, although the judge himselfclaimed The NY Times played played an active role in obtaining the documents.

Mainstreammedia is usually so silent when it comes to covering psychiatric drughazards, that this silence may have helped motivate the lawyer anddoctor who originally blew the whistle on Eli Lilly documents. Courtdocuments claim The NY Times may have offered to cover the story as long as the paper was promised an exclusive. Jim Gottstein is founder of PsychRights, which is a sponsor group of MindFreedom International.

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