This is the public list of Sponsors and Affiliates that form a “Support Coalition” for MindFreedom International. A Sponsor is an already-existing organization that has joined the coalition. An Affiliate has requested or is in the process of requesting to use the MindFreedom name in organizing (e.g., MindFreedom Ireland). [Updated 29 June 2022]

Sponsors and Affiliates support the mission, goals and guidelines of MFI. Each has a Liaison on the MindFreedom Support Coalition International Advisory Council (IAC), which provides suggestions to the MFI Board about strategy and campaigns.

The below public directory of MFI Sponsors & Affiliates is updated regularly, but may have inaccuracies. If your group is not yet listed, or you spot an error, contact MFI at office(at)MindFreedom(dot)org.

MFI Sponsors and Affiliates

(Alphabetical by country)


MindFreedom Nelson British Bryhre Cormack
MindFreedom AlbertaTBA
MindFreedom Vancouver Gölök Zoltán Buday
The Friendly Spike Theater Bandfriendlyspike@primus.caRuth Ruth

Germany – Deutschland

Yael Elya Institutkarin.roth@yael-elya.deKarin Roth
Gruppe Aufbruchvp5858@aol.comVicky Pullen


MindFreedom Taylor

Ireland – Éire

MindFreedom Irelandmarymaddock@hotmail.comMary Maddock

Japan – 日本

MindFreedom Tsuyoshi Matsuo

Korea (ROK) – 한국

Mad Pride

Netherlands – Nederland

Association for Medical and Therapeutic Self-Determination (MeTZelf)info@metzelf.nlMira de Vries


MindFreedom PortugalPortugal@mindfreedom.orgTiago Marques

United States of America (USA)

MindFreedom Seattledave.c949@gmail.comDave C.
Trauma Healing Projectinfo@healingattention.orgElaine Walters
Gesundheit! Institutegesundheitoffice@gmail.comPatch Adams, MD
MindFreedom Oregonoregon@mindfreedom.orgDavid W. Oaks
Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights)jim.gottstein@psychrights.orgJames Gottstein
National Association for Rights Protection & Advocacynarpa@aol.comAnn Marshall
MindFreedom Taylor
MindFreedom Portland (Oregon) Michael Hlebechuk
Rethinking PsychiatryRethinkingPsychiatry@gmail.comRachel Levy
MindFreedom MidMichigansearchingforthetruth1@yahoo.comLoretta Wilson
MindFreedom New Hampshirewayneramsay@mail.comWayne Ramsay
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Lawcommunications@bazelon.orgJennifer Mathis
Disability Rights Internationalinfo@driadvocacy.orgRachel Arnold
International Network Toward Alternatives and Recovery (INTAR) Peter Stastny, MD
MindFreedom Coloradolvrizley@gmail.comAmy Smith
MindFreedom North Floridaregtencac@yahoo.comFrank Blankenship
MindFreedom Illinois  illinois@mindfreedom.orgKenneth Beitler
Prosumers (Texas)