Rodney Birney
Business Name: Self & Soul Center
Street Address:
9820 Wagner Creek Road
United States
Phone: 541 535-3338
Services Provided: Consultation and integrative psychotherapy. In an initial consultation I listen and try to understand the person who I am meeting with, their strengths and challenges. I find their goals and have a dialogue about what may be helpful. In psychotherapy I help them learn self regulation skills to be able to meet life's challenges. I use an integrative approach approach, meeting the client where they are (pre contemplative, contemplative, action or maintenance phases of therapy). Together we create a relational field that allows for growth and maturation. I listen, teach skills from cognitive, depth, humanistic psychotherapies and contemplative practice.
Is a sliding scale available?: No
Service Rates: Non insurance discount, initial consultation $150 (60-75"), ongoing psychotherapy $125 (45"). Insurance, initial consultation $200, ongoing $165.