Brad Hagen
Street Address:
239 12B St. N
Phone: 403-381-6000
Services Provided: I am a registered psychologist and counsellor who offers counselling services. My counselling practice is part-time (one day a week); the rest of the time I am a professor who teaches in a faculty of health sciences at the University of Lethbridge. I strive to offer a safe and respectful counselling relationship for people, particularly those people who may be facing struggles with overwhelming sadness, grief, anxiety, and/or experiences like hearing voices. In particular, I try to offer counselling services free of destructive labels (e.g., the DSM categories), and offer support for people who are seeking alternatives to the traditional psychiatric system of diagnosising and/or medicating people.
Is a sliding scale available?: Yes
Service Rates: They are normally between $100 - $150 / hour, but people in certain circumstances may qualify for subsidized counselling and/or insurance coverage. On occasion, I do offer services on a sliding scale, and occasionally provide "pro bono" (no charge) services as well.