Will Hall
Street Address:
2456 NW Raleigh St. #201
United States
Email: will@willhall.net
Phone: 413.210.2803
Services Provided: Counseling and coaching from my Portland Oregon office and by phone and skype internationally. I am a leading advocate, organizer, and educator in creating alternatives to the traditional mental health system. I co-founded Freedom Center, host Madness Radio, am on the collective of The Icarus Project, and am Director of Portland Hearing Voices. I have more than 9 years experience with people struggling with emotional crisis and extreme states of consciousness, and am currently completing my masters degree in Process Oriented Psychology, a somatic and Jungian approach to therapy and social change. My areas of specialization are: voices, delusions, paranoia, and psychosis; extreme mood states called "mania" and "depression;" emotional trauma including psychiatric abuse; spiritual practice and awakening; alternatives to diagnostic labeling; working with families; reducing/coming off medications; conflict resolution; social oppression and rank; holistic health; and living with mental diversity.
Is a sliding scale available?: Yes
Service Rates: $80/hour.