Elissa Mendenhall
Business Name: Emerge Health
Street Address:
8512 SE 9th Ave 852 SW 21st Ave
United States
Email: dr.elissa@yahoo.com
Phone: (503) 239-8181
Services Provided: Naturopathic care for mental health and addiction issues. I approach treatment on a multifaceted level, because being human is a multifaceted experience. Approaches may include alternative diagnostics of underlying physiologic conditions, deep listening, biofeedback and other stress management techniques, nutritional counseling and identification of food toxins, orthomolecular psychiatry, amino acid therapy, classical homeopathy, and energetic bodywork. I can also work toward reduction/elimination of medications or reduction of side effects of medication. Initial intakes last around two hours and follow-up visits are typically an hour.
Is a sliding scale available?: Yes
Service Rates: $140 for the initial visit, $85 for follow-up. Can bill most insurances that include naturopathic coverage.