Grace Sweet
Business Name: Average Miracles
Street Address:
349 Franklin Lane
United States
Phone: 805-876-6367
Services Provided: I provide Education and Inspiration to workers in Mental Health Government Agencies and Private Agencies wherever I am invited. A 3 Level Certification Course called Laughter Bridges is offered for Clinicians, Peer Support Specialists, Counselors, Therapists, Administrators, Peer Family Advocates or anyone else involved in, or providing care for mental health clients. It's about why & how laughter heals mental illness, along with many physical conditions as well. The participant receive a certificate to lead therapeutic laughter groups and one-to-one coaching sessions for clients and staff at mental health facilities. My vision is the upliftment and the continued creation of inspiration for our Mental Health System People and the Client. This is quite purposeful for the sustainability and longevity of systems employees, and ultimately contributes significantly toward the quality of care administered to the clients, and to the bottom line to the organization, which keeps the system functioning.
Is a sliding scale available?: No
Service Rates: I'm a Trainer/Consultant for the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD), who entirely funds the Laughter Bridges Certification Course. There is little or no cost for the training to an Agency within the U.S. who requests the training from their State Mental Health Commissioner. Contact Grace Sweet to learn how to go about making a request.