Elizabeth Szlek
Street Address:
37 Dudley Ave
New York
United States
Email: info@thedoorcounseling.com
Phone: (315) 768-8900
Services Provided: Counseling for adults, children and couples, non-drug interventions for all emotional, relational,social and spiritual problems. I am a Christian, and that is my orientation, but I have many clients who believe differently, and I respect their own beliefs. I am a many-year member of the International Center for Studies in Psychiatry and Psychology (to be renamed later this year), and have done Crisis Counseling, am a prolific writer and presenter on various topics, and believe strongly in the use of nutrition in helping clients reach their best mental health.
Is a sliding scale available?: Yes
Service Rates: I accept many insurance plans, and charge $75 per hour for an hour of counseling.