Toby Watson
Street Address:
2808 Kohler Memorial Drive, suite 1
United States
Phone: 920-457-9192
Services Provided: APHS is a Full Service Outpatient Mental Health Clinic and Doctoral Training Program, supporting a patient's choice NOT to rely or use psychotropic drugs. Dr. Watson is also an expert in the psychotropic medication verses non psychotropic medication outcome studies, whereby he successfully stops and overturns forced medicating commitments. The clinic offers traditional psychotherapy, domestic violence and anger management groups, parent skill training and full psychological testing services. Dr. Watson is the incoming Executive Director of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology and frequently lectures upon the topics of patient rights, false pillars of the biological model of mental illness and working through dysfunctional thoughts, feelings and behaviors (e.g. what we call symptoms).
Is a sliding scale available?: Yes
Service Rates: $0 to $180 per hour. Dr. Watson donates 100% of his time to the clinic; however, fees are charged to insurance carriers and patients on an ability to pay basis. Dr. Watson does travel throughout the United States; however, fees must cover costs of travel, lodging and missed appointment income for the clinic. Individuals wishing to come to the clinic with no ability to pay are welcomed. Dr. Watson does not contract with any HMO, Managed Care companies or the State of Wisconsin, as he would rather lower the fee to $0 than have to diagnose and permit confidential information to be given to outside parties.