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Here is the text for the MindFreedom brochure, along with photo captions:


Unite to Win Human Rights in Mental Health!

Photo: Celia Brown speaks at a MindFreedom protest in front of an American Psychiatric Association annual meeting. Celia is a psychiatric survivor and Board President of Mind Freedom International. Celia leads the MindFree- dom Global Campaign and the MindFreedom United Nations Team. (Photo by Tom Olin)

Human rights violations in the mental health system are a truly global emergency. Throughout the world, countless people are imprisoned in psychiatric institutions without adequate advocacy. There they endure solitary confinement, restraints, electroshock, experimentation, and more. Psychiatric labeling itself can lead to segregation, discrimination, and poverty.

Say “No” to Drug Bullying!   MindFreedom supports choice in mental health care. Many of our members choose to take prescribed psychiatric drugs. Many others do not. We are united in saying “no” to human rights violations by psychiatric drugging. Drug companies often use fraud to promote their products. The public is sold a myth of a chemical imbalance. There is no scientific proof of a genetic or biological basis for any psychiatric diagnosis.

Drug companies hide the fact that their drugs can be harmful and can even kill. Studies show that common psychiatric drugs can have the opposite of their intended effect. For example, the drugs typically used in forced psychiatric drugging — neuroleptics — can cause structural brain damage.

These psychiatric human rights violations have now spread beyond institutions and into our communities. Today, most US states and many nations allow courts to order people to take psychiatric drugs against their will — even while living in their own homes! Since 1986 MindFreedom has won many campaigns for human rights in mental health.

MindFreedom unites a coalition of more than 100 groups and thousands of individuals in a spirit of mutual cooperation. While most of us are psychiatric survivors, we are open to all who support human rights including psychiatric professionals, advocates, family members, and the general public.

MindFreedom is one of very few totally independent groups in the mental health field with zero funding from the mental health system, governments, religious organizations, or drug companies. The United Nations has accredited MFI as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

Democracy must get hands-on with the mental health care system! And that begins with you!

Photo: Mary Maddock of Cork, Ireland, is co- founder of the affiliate MindFreedom Ireland. Mary is one of two survivors of forced electroshock on the Board of Directors of MindFreedom Interna- tional. Mary is working with Celia to lead a campaign for more local and regional MindFreedom Affiliates all over the world.

MindFreedom International 454 Willamette, Suite 216 PO Box 11284 Eugene, OR, USA 97440-3484 phone: (541) 345-9106 member toll free in USA: 1-877-MAD-PRIDE

Join now at

Voices for Choices in Mental Health!

Photo: Youth Voices for Choices! Marvin and Amy at close of national summit on youth and mental health issues.

Let’s hear from psychiatric survivors, especially young people who are often the most silenced in the mental health system! Let’s hear from concerned mental health workers and other allies who support the empowerment of mental health consumers!

MindFreedom calls for a full range of voluntary, humane, and safe alternatives for all who choose to use them. These options ought to include mutual support, jobs, housing, peer-run programs, nutrition, advocacy, quality counseling, and other more wholistic approaches to mental health care.  Join MindFreedom International!

MFI members benefit by access to member-only web pages, Internet forums, the MindFreedom Journal, a staffed office, and discounts on all MadMarket products and books. Members may activate free MindFreedom Shield alerts to help protect themselves from coerced psychiatry.

Please join MindFreedom today for a nonviolent revolution in mental health!

Please donate as generously as possible for you annual membership . Your donations are tax-deductible. Recommended dues are $35 or more, $20 for low income. Please give as generously as you can. Join now on MindFreedom’s secure site:

Photo: MindFreedom Ghana in Africa celebrates Mad Pride.

Photo: MindFreedom International protest in front of annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. (Photo by Tom Olin)

Join us for a nonviolent revolution in mental health

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