One year later, the MindFreedom International free online directory of mental health alternatives is growing. Matthew Morrissey, MFI board member, explains how you can help promote self-directed, safe, and humane healing approaches in mental health.

Matthew Morrissey is an MFI board member on the MFI Campaign Committee for Mental Health Choice.

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4th of July 2010


    One Year Later: MindFreedom Free Online Directory of Mental Health Alternatives Growing!


    ACTION: How *You* Can Promote Self-Directed, Safe and Humane Healing Approaches in Mental Health

by Matthew Morrissey, MindFreedom International (MFI) Board Member

Today — July 4th, 2010 — MindFreedom’s Directory of Mental Health Alternatives celebrates its one-year anniversary:

Currently, we have providers listed in 18 states and 3 countries. Overthe next year, we would like to have providers listed for every statein the USA, as well as including more international providers.

We need your help to meet this goal.

If you are receiving services from a provider whom you find helpful andsympathetic to MFI’s vision, go to the MFI Directory Gateway, anddownload our new INFORMATION SHEETS here:

The free Info Sheets are PDF’s of a flyer, invitation letter andStatement of Principles. Bring these along with you the next time yousee your provider. Encourage her or him to sign up on the Directory.

Or maybe you have some free time and want to take a simple, direct action in your area?

Then put up some of these INFO SHEETS at your community mental healthclinic, local wellness center, or even educational institutions thatteach psychology or other approaches to emotional healing.

No matter what, please forward this e-mail message — perhaps with afew of your words of personal support — to those who may be interested.

This is a unique way to introduce MFI and its vision to new people in your community.

Finally, if you are a provider of services who agrees withMindFreedom’s vision of a just and humane mental health system, pleasesign up to be listed on the Directory, which is currently free. How tosign up for the Directory is also at the MFI Directory Gateway, here:

Thank you in advance,

Matthew Morrissey
MFI Board Member


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