More and more mainstream media and research studies are exposing extreme hazards and human rights violations associated with the prescription of antipsychotic psychiatric drugs, which are also known as neuroleptics, without adequate advocacy, information and alternatives. MindFreedom calls for multiple investigations.

One of the most common antipsychotic (or “neuroleptic”) psychiatric drugs is Zyprexa, manufactured by Eli Lilly.

MindFreedom International calls for investigations of hazards and human rights violations associated with the prescription of powerful “antipsychotic” psychiatric drugs, also known as neuroleptics. These are the family of psychiatric drugs which have been around since the 1950’s, but are increasingly being prescribed to every-day people in all walks of life, including children, in foster care, in nursing homes, and more.

A sample of recent media attention and research studies include:

  • PBS show Frontline on Tuesday, 8 January 2008 is examining use of neuroleptic drugs in children. For info click here.
  • NY Times on 4 January 2008, reported a study showing that neuroleptic drugs, rather than curbing aggression better than placebo, can actually lead to a higher rate of aggression compared to placebo in individuals diagnosed with cognitive disabilities. For info click here.
  • The Oregonian ran a series, in November 2007, on the massive use of neuroleptics on youth in foster care. For info click here.
  • Wall St. Journal ran an article on 4 December 2007 about rampant abuse of nursing home residents with neuroleptics. For more info click here.
  • Massachusetts youth on Medicaid are being targeted by mandatory “mental health screening,” which experts fear could lead to even more psychiatric drugging. This could be a national trend. For more info click here.

MindFreedom is campaigning for more choice in the mental health system, and for a voice for those on the receiving end of psychiatric care, especially youth.

MindFreedom calls for investigations and action on multiple levels:

  • World Health Organization ought to initiate an international campaign to halt the massive spread of neuroleptic use globally, without adequate information, advocacy, or alternatives.
  • USA presidential candidates ought to make clear their own stand on the scandal of massive, super-powerful psychiatric drugs being prescribed to youth.
  • USA state governments — which are the primary funders of these powerful drugs — ought to hold emergency hearings and investigations on the scandal.
  • Local mental health systems ought to be held accountable, and asked what steps they are taking to provide non-drug alternatives to those who wish to use them.

You are invited to speak out on these issues on the MindFreedom free Internet web radio show. The show this Wednesday, 9 January 2009, will be an open call-in on the use of neuroleptic (antipsychotic) drugs. If you miss the live call-in, you can hear the show in the archives.

For info on the MindFreedom free Internet live call-in web radio show click here.

MindFreedom has helped break the silence about brain damage associated with neuroleptics. Brain scans, animal studies and autopsies are all confirming that neuroleptic drugs, especially when given long-term at high-dosage, can cause such significant structural changes to the brain that there is shrinkage of the frontal lobes. For more information see “related items.” below.

MindFreedom is pro-choice on the use of prescribed psychiatric drugs, and many MFI members choose to take them. But all members are united in speaking out against the emergency level of human rights violations associated with neuroleptics without adequate advocacy, alternatives or information.

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