A few of the mainstream and alternative media that have mentioned or covered MindFreedom International.

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Link National Public Radio “Talk of the Nation” with David Oaks
After the Virginia Tech Tragedy in 2007, National Public Radio’s live national call-in show “Talk of the Nation” included David Oaks, director of MindFreedom International, as one of the guests in this 24 April 2007 show.
News Item Pacifica Radio Interview with David Oaks, Director of MindFreedom
On Friday, 16 February 2007 at 2:30 pm PST or 5:30 pm EST you may hear Pacifica Radio’s “Pushing Limits” show feature an interview with David Oaks, Director of MindFreedom International. Part two of the show airs 2 March 2007.
Article Let’s Go Crazy: The Decline in US Mental Health Under Bush
The activist media “Dissident Voice” quotes MindFreedom about President Bush and the USA mental health system.
Folder American Psychiatric Association debates history of MindFreedom & movement
One of the official journals of the America Psychiatric Association held a six-month debate in three issues about the history and politics of the psychiatric survivors human rights movement including MindFreedom International.
Article “Freeing Your Mind”
Utne magazine May/June 2006 issue had this full page about MindFreedom International’s work for human rights in psychiatry as part of a cover story theme called “Mind Games: When Brain Scientists Play with Our Heads.”
File Biological Psychiatry
“Biological Psychiatry: A Practice in Search of a Science” is an academic article which includes coverage of the MindFreedom 2003 hunger strike. The piece, by W. Joseph Wyatt & Donna M. Midkiff of Marshall University, was published in the peer-reviewed online journal Behavior and Social Issues, 15, 132-151 (Fall/Winter 2006), and may be downloaded here as a PDF.
Article Donations tie drug firms and nonprofits
This Philadelphia Inquirer probe uncovers hidden money ties between psychiatric drug manufacturers and nonprofit mental health groups such as NAMI and CHADD that promote these drugs. The journalist quotes MindFreedom director David Oaks: “… the entire paradigm is owned by the drug companies, and … the hazards of the drugs, like brain damage, are not discussed”:
Article Drug-free treatment promoter
A New Jersey, USA newspaper column spotlights MindFreedom International’s Choice in Mental Health Care Campaign, especially the need for alternatives to psychiatric drugs.
Link Alternatives Magazine: “Madness and the Mental Health System” by David Oaks
A monthly magazine _Alternatives_ published an article by David Oaks, MindFreedom Director, in the Spring 2006 issue, about how health practitioners can be good allies for people who have survived trauma from the psychiatric system. Psychiatrist Loren Mosher is offered as a model ally.
Article Madness and the Mental Health System – Psychiatric Survivors and Human Rights
David Oaks wrote this brief article about how the late psychiatrist Loren Mosher was a model of an ‘open door allly’ for psychiatric survivors.
Article Forced Drugging
This article in a Michigan’s newspaper on forced outpatient psychiatric drugging quotes MindFreedom member Gabe Hadd — who escaped psychiatric drugging via an underground railroad — and MindFreedom director David Oaks.
Article Wall St. Journal letter-to-editor debate on forced drugging.
Wall Street Journal had a debate in its letters to the editor about forced outpatient psychiatric drugging of people living at home. A MindFreedom letter announces support for those seeking “underground railroads,” and challenges WSJ’s labeling of members.
Article Wall St. Journal on outpatient forced psychiatric drugging
While this Wall St. Journal article mainly gives space to the main extremist psychiatrist who promotes forced psychiatric drugging of people in their own homes, it does feature two MindFreedom members and an “Underground Railroad” where some individuals have evaded involuntary outpatient commitment.
News Item Forcing Pills on Patients is Not the Answer
Richard Dean Townsend — a long-time client of the mental health system — was shot four times by police in Corvallis, Oregon, USA, and died. This led to a call for more forced psychiatric drugging. Here a Corvallis reporter looks at the other side of the story, including by interviewing David Oaks, director of MindFreedom International.
News Item Humor vs. Mental Health Screening in Eugene, Oregon
A short news article about using humor to challenge plans by President Bush to make “mental health screening” common throughout the USA for adults and children.
Article New Antipsychotic Drugs Criticized: Federal Study Finds No Benefit Over Older, Cheaper Drug
A front page Washington Post article about a federal study that “challenges widespread assumptions” about one of psychiatry’s most frequently-used drugs quotes David Oaks, MindFreedom International director. A MindFreedom analysis follows.
Link Why waste money, endanger civil liberties?
Keith Hoeller, psychologist, wrote this commentary that was published in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, February 10, 2005. He refers to the MindFreedom hunger strike.
Article Losing the Mind: David Oaks and Others in the ‘Mad Pride’ Movement Believe Drugs Are Being Overused in Treating Mental Illness, and They Want the Abuse to Stop.
The LA Times profiles MindFreedom International and director David Oaks.
Link No proof mental illness rooted in biology
During the MindFreedom Fast for Freedom in Mental Health in 2003, psychologist Keith Hoeller wrote this essay that was published in the Seattle Post Intelligencer on Friday, August 29, 2003, that included a discussion of the hunger strikers.
Article Raising Doubts About Drugs
Washington Post ran this article about the MindFreedom hunger strike “Fast for Freedom in Mental Health.”

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