This was a successful show, you can hear archive! On 13 August 2011 the theme is “Liberation Psychology.” MFI Live Web Radio interviews BRUCE LEVINE whose new book challenges not only the corporate mental health system, but the state of passivity incorrectly known as “normal” that holds back social change in the USA. Plus psychiatric survivor LAUREN TENNEY will be in the MindFreedom office during her national tour for deep change in mental health. Expanded 90 minute show.

Bruce Levine, PhD, is an Ohio psychologist and author, and MindFreedom supporter.

This was a successful show. Click here, or use the link in below original announcement, to listen to this and other archives. 

Update: Lauren Tenney and Bruce Levine are both special guests!

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Guests are:

Bruce Levine (photo above right) 

Lauren Tenney (photo lower right)

Bruce is a long-time critic of the mental health system, and author of the new book: 

Get Up,  Stand Up, Uniting Populists,  Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite 

For Bruce Levine’s web site, click here. 


Lauren Tenney, psychiatric survivor activist from New York StateLauren Tenney is a psychiatric survivor and graduate student from New York State, who is on a national tour for deep change in the mental health system, including through academia. 

For Lauren Tenney’s web site click here.


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David W. Oaks

Host David Oaks, director, MindFreedom International (photo right) will interview Bruce live. You can talk with Bruce and David, ask questions, and state your own opinion. 

Plus you’ll hear the absolute latest news about the movement to change the mental health system.


More about Bruce Levine


Special guest Bruce Levine is a long-time dissident mental health professional who goes beyond challenging the incredible abuses from the mental health industry, and questions the way “normality” has a hold on the general population. 

According to Dr. Levine:


Many Americans are deeply demoralized by decades of oppression, and they have lost confidence that genuine democracy is possible. Drawing on phenomena such as learned helplessness, the abuse syndrome, and other psychological principles and techniques for pacifying a population, Levine explains how major US institutions have created fatalism. 

When such fatalism and defeatism set in, truths about social and economic injustices are not enough to set people free.

However, the situation is not truly hopeless. History tells us that for democratic movements to get off the ground, individuals must recover self-respect, and a people must regain collective confidence that they can succeed 

at eliminating top-down controls. Get Up, Stand Up describes how we can recover dignity, confidence, and the energy to do battle. That achievement fills in the missing piece that, until now, has undermined so many efforts to energize genuine democracy.



More about Lauren Tenney:


LAUREN TENNEY, psychiatric survivor activist from New York, will be in the MindFreedom office studio while on tour all over the USA as she works for deep change in the mental health system, including in the academic world. 

Lauren is with several activities including Opal Project and We The People.  She is a graduate student who believes that psychiatric survivors can and should have a voice in the research that is about our lives and that can impact our liberty and well being. 

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