Center planned for helping people quit psychiatric drugs.

MindFreedom member Janet Foner is working with a group on plans to build Pajaro Valley Sunrise Center in California, to assist people who are wanting to discontinue taking their psychiatric drugs.

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when Jan 15, 2009
from 01:05 AM to 12:55 AM
where California
contact name Janet Foner
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The following forwarded news item is from MindFreedom board member Janet Foner, who is also on the board of the planned Pajaro Valley Sunrise Center to help people quit psychiatric drugs. [Pajaro Valley Sunrise Center is not affiliated with MindFreedom International.]

Help Build a Psychiatric Drug Free Center

by Janet Foner 

Some of you attended the MFI Creative Revolution Conference on alternatives to the mental health system last year. At that conference, Joe Gallagher, M.D., a family practice doctor, spoke about the Pajaro Valley Sunrise Center, which he will run in Watsonville, CA, near Santa Cruz. This will be a center where people can come to learn how to do Co-Counseling in order to help themselves get off of psychiatric drugs and also build a support system to get and stay off of psychiatric drugs. In that process people exchange attention with each other to do emotional healing work. Doctors and MH professionals will eventually be able to visit the center to learn how to help people get off psychiatric drugs. Others will come to learn how to start similar centers elsewhere.

The Sunrise Center Board, composed of psychiatric survivors and some allies, has been working on developing plans for the center, as well as fundraising for several years. We hope to open the center to the public sometime between 2012 and 2014 and need to raise $1 million dollars for the first year of operation, in order to do so.

If you would like to help the center become a reality, you can donate any amount you’d like to at the website <>. You can also donate a small amount and receive tickets for the chance to win a raffle that has 8 prizes, including a quilt I designed and made as first prize, some other art works, a hand-crocheted purse, etc. It is only $2 donation per ticket or $10 donation for a book of 6. The raffle drawing will be Jan. 15, so get your tickets soon! See all the prizes on the website. You can also find more information about the center on the website.

Janet Foner, Mindfreedom Board and Chair of Choice in MH Campaign for MFI; Chair of Pajaro Valley Sunrise Center Board

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