LAST SHOW OF 2012! Join guest host SOPHIE FAUGHT and veteran clinician, Mad In America blogger and activist MICHAEL CORNWALL to talk about madness: “If madness isn’t what psychiatry says it is, then what is it?” LIVE on Saturday, 8 December 2012, at 2 pm ET, 11 am PT; we’ll be taking your calls at (646) 595-2125.

Above: Michael Cornwall, guest on MindFreedom’s ALTERNATIVE MENTAL HEALTH RADIO

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If madness isn’t what psychiatry says it is, then WHAT IS IT? 

Our guest:

  • MICHAEL CORNWALL, PH.D. (photo on right), went through an intense, lengthy period of un-medicated madness in his early twenties that set the course for his vocation as a therapist.
  • He served for three years in a 20 bed open door, restraint, medication and diagnosis free, extreme states sanctuary called I-Ward, and completed doctoral research on John Weir Perry’s medication free sanctuary, Diabasis House.
  • For over 30 years he has served people in extreme states and other forms of emotional suffering, while also being a community grassroots politics leader in the human rights struggle against the abuses of psychiatry.
  • Michael uses his personal experience of unmedicated madness to ask: “If madness isn’t what psychiatry says it is, than what is it?” 

Join Michael and guest host SOPHIE FAUGHT (coordinator of MindFreedom International’s I GOT BETTER campaign to raise awareness of recovery in mental health) for an exciting dialogue about the importance of madness on both the individual and societal levels.


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