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Psychologist Jay Joseph debunks “the mental health gene.” Jay is shown here supporting the MindFreedom Hunger Strike.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

4 pm Eastern (1 pm Pacific)

Psychologist and author challenges the myth of a “genetic basis” of psychiatric problems.

Jay Joseph is a licensed psychologist in California who has made international waves by questioning a central myth in the psychiatric industry: the “genetic cause” of mental health problems. Jay shows that the idea of a “mental illness gene” is unproven, harmful, misleading and just plain wrong. Jay has written two books on the topic: The Missing Gene, (2006), The Gene Illusion, (2004). Web:

Jay supported the MindFreedom hunger strike on the scientific panel. To see the results of that hunger strike click here.


MindFreedom News Hour

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

4 pm Eastern (1 pm Pacific)

Guest Robert Whitaker is a journalist who exposed the history and current practice of USA psychiatry.

Psychiatrist Loren Mosher said this about Robert Whitaker’s book _Mad in America_: “Investigative journalism at its scholarly, perceptive, and explanatory best. Mad in America presents an insightful, courageous expose of how madness went from ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ to be a source of massive corporate profits. A must read for anyone with a friend or family member labeled ‘mentally ill,’ for psychiatric ‘survivors,’ mental health professionals, and those interested in the history of science and the corporate buyout of a profession.” More info:


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