This is a fast easy way to find out the latest and the basics about celebrating Creative Maladjustment Week, 7 July to 14 July. What is the origin of this week? How can you participate? Who is sponsoring it?

Celebrate Creative Maladjustment Week! Martin Luther King repeatedly called for an International Association for the Advancement of CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT. You can lead that vision!

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From July 7 to July 14, 2013

MindFreedom International and Patch Adams, MD invite YOU to help lead the 1st annual:


Creative Maladjustment Week!

For many years, psychiatric survivors have celebrated “Mad Pride” mainly on July 14. Let’s expand to include the public. 

Let’s expand from a day to a week! MindFreedom is working along with “the real” psychiatric survivor/physician/clown PATCH ADAMS to invite everyone who is a “healer of normal”! 


Origin Story of Creative Maladjustment


Martin Luther King repeatedly said – for more than a decade – that he was proud to be what psychologists called “maladjusted” because, “The salvation of the world lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.” 

Over and over again MLK said that the world was in dire need of a new group: “International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment” (IAACM). Really! Google that phrase! 

Here is your chance to: Make MLK’s vision real. Unite with Patch to connect in a fun way with allies and the wider public. 

And of course, especially on July 14, we’ll still celebrate “Mad Pride” with a focus on psychiatric survivors, but as never before! This is all open to everyone, everywhere. To participate, just pledge to do something “creatively maladjusted” that week. Support a world that works for all, including a:

  • new vision of mental and emotional wellness
  • social net that humanely cares for everyone in need
  • justice system that is about reconciliation
  • sustainable relationship with nature

Even a small group of two or three, or even one individual, can lead and participate:

  • It can be as simple as, say, pledging to wear something “crazy” that week – even it is mismatching socks or an ‘orphan’ sock tied on your arm.
  • Have a house party or peaceful ‘flash mob’ or other celebratory event
  • YouTube folks honoring the creatively maladjusted people amongst us.
  • Give out awards for Creative Maladjustment, in person or online.

We all want YOUR ideas, brainstorms, visions! Lead on! 

To share your ideas about that week via Facebook go to: 

For more info contact MindFreedom at iaacm (at) or ph: 541-345-9106

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