This live show on 14 March 2009 was a success, here’s how to hear the archive. Dan Fisher discussed his views about about federal mental health policy under President Barack Obama. Long-time psychiatric survivor activist Judi Chamberlin shared about her life and current serious health problems. Plus lots of calls from listeners. Host: MindFreedom’s executive director, David W. Oaks.

Dan Fisher, psychiatrist and psychiatric survivor, advised Obama campaign on mental health.

The below show on Saturday, 14 March 2009 was a success. Use the web address to hear the archive for this and other shows:


MindFreedom Live Web Radio features two long-time psychiatric survivor advocates:

Dan Fisher and Judi Chamberlin

Date: Saturday, 14 March 2009

TIME: 11 am Pacific, 12 noon Mountain, 1 pm Central, 2 pm Eastern USA, 6 pm [1800] London UTC/GMT. Show is 90 minutes.

Click here to listen live:

Call-in number: (646) 595-2125.

Dan Fisher advised Obama campaign on mental health. Judi Chamberlinis author and leader in mental heatlh consumer/psychiatric survivormovement. Both are guests on the next MindFreedom Mad Pride free onlineradio show.

People are listening and calling  in fromthroughout the world to the new 90 minute show on the “mad movement,”led by individuals who have personally experienced the mental healthsystem.

More about guests:

** Dan Fisher, psychiatric survivor and psychiatrist, was one of two key advisors to Barack Obama presidential campaign about mental health issues.

Dan will give his personal thoughts about the direction of mental health under President Obama.

Dan now leads the new National Coalition of Mental Health Consumer and Psychiatric Survivor Organizations. Dan has been active in this field for more than three decades, and lives in Massachusetts where he directs the National Empowerment Center.

Judi Chamberlin - Protest** Judi Chamberlin is considered one of the main historic leaders in the movement led by mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors. Judi has publicly announced that because of severe health problems she is now in hospice with a life expectancy that is not very long. Judi will try to answer questions, but if her health prohibits this we will play a special message from Judi to you. (For more information on Judi Chamberlin’s ongoing activism, please click here.)

Judi is on the board of directors of MindFreedom International, and is author of the pivotal book on peer support and empowerment in mental health, On Our Own, which is available from the MFI Mad Market by clicking here.

Both of our guests this show are psychiatric survivors in Massachusetts who — through more than three decades of effort — have had an international impact on the movement to change the mental health system.

Along with moderator David W. Oaks, all three met in the 1970’s in one of the early movement groups, Mental Patients Liberation Front.

Archives available:

If you miss a show, you listen to a recording along with other archived shows here:

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