Former MindFreedom Executive Director DAVID OAKS returns to the airwaves to talk about his break, rehabilitation, and the future of the mental health and human rights movement! Join host Sophie Faught, David, and his brother Tony Oaks for an inspiring interview with MindFreedom’s co-founder! LIVE this Saturday, June 8th @ 2pm ET/11am PT; we’ll be taking your calls at (646) 595-2125.

David Oaks (pictured here at Craig Hospital in Denver) has completed his rehabilitation and returned home to Eugene, OR. Tune in to learn about his amazing journey!

Down But Not Out: An interview with David Oaks!


Over 25 years ago, David Oaks co-founded a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting for human rights in the mental health system: MindFreedom International. Since then he has fearlessly lead MindFreedom through years of successful activism and protest, fighting against forced drugging and shock, dehumanizing labels, and constantly asserting the human rights of psychiatric survivors around the world! 

After more than 6 months spent dealing with a severe neck injury, David has returned to his home in Eugene, OR and is ready to share his story of rehabilitation with MindFreedom Alternative Mental Health Radio listeners!



DAVID OAKS: Last December David fell off a ladder in his home studio and broke his neck, but not his spirit. Despite numerous surgeries and complications including an infection-caused fever that almost took his life, David has prevailed. Currently with help and encouragement family and friends, he has completed his work at a rehab facility in Colorado and has returned home to Eugene, Oregon.

Learn more about how you can support David in his ongoing recovery at his new website:


TONY OAKS is David’s brother and provided unceasing support and companionship for David immediately following David’s accident and continues to stand by him. Tony is currently living with David and his wife to help David raise much needed funding  and acclimate to his new life in a wheelchair after his return to Eugene.  


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MFI is one of the few totally-independent nonprofit organizations in the mental health advocacy field focusing on survivors of human rights violations in the mental health system.

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