Influential physician and TV personality Dr. Oz may be showing a segment praising electroshock. You are encouraged to speak out on his own web site.

Elizabeth Ellis: Victim of forced court-ordered outpatient electroshock in Minnesota.


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19 January 2012


Please take a moment and comment on ELECTROSHOCK on the web site for Dr. Oz, the influential TV personality and physician.  

Dr. Oz is doing a segment about electroshock, also known as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). 

While we have not viewed the segment, a source who attended the shooting said it is pro-electroshock.

There was hope Dr. Oz would delay the segment to make sure it’s fair, but the title is a bad sign: 

The Shock That Could Save Your Life




Please immediately go to the Dr. Oz web site about electroshock here:


Already a lively debate is enusing. Please make a civil but strong comment. 

  • **  Call for media FAIRNESS! Corporate media has focused on people who had shock and felt benefited, rather than warning the public by airing the voices of those harmed. 
  • ** Support electroshock SURVIVORS who have spoken out about human rights violations, trauma, memory  and cognitive problems! 
  • ** Expose the fact that FORCED electroshock is happening right here in the USA, even on an outpatient basis!
  • ** Call for making humane proven ALTERNATIVES to shock and drugs more available. 
  • ** Emphasize the FDA has never approved shock device for safety and effectiveness. Almost one year ago, the FDA held its one and only hearing on the device, affirming their concern. (More info.)




Please forward this to others who will speak out. 

Those interested in being part of the MFI Initiative on Electroshock and Human Rights may join an MFI member email list that is networking and coordinating efforts on this, called ZAPBACK. To become an MFI member sign up here:


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Thank you for speaking up for marginalized and disempowered people who are harmed by electroshock!



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