Hear survivors of forced outpatient electroshock, Elizabeth Ellis and Ray Sandford. Plus hear from activists who testified at last months’ FDA hearings on the device: Shock survivors Dorothy Dundas and Loretta Wilson, plus psychologist John Breeding. Special host: Celia Brown, MindFreedom board president. Plus callers! Show successfully aired on Saturday, 12 February 2011.

Dorothy Dundas is an electroshock survivor who spoke out at FDA public hearing.

Update: The below live one-hour radio show successfully aired on 12 February 2011 about forced electroshock and the FDA. It was a great success! To hear the archive go here:


BELOW is the original announcement with more info about guests and show. 

Incredibly… There are Americans – living peacefully in their own homes – who are required by court-order to get involuntary OUTPATIENT electroshock (ECT) over their expressed wishes… 

While at the same time an FDA panel has voted that the device is indeed hazardous, and should finally be tested for safety for the first time in its 70 years of use in the USA!

Since the Arizona tragedy, mass media have pushed forced outpatient psychiatric treatment as a simple answer…  On this show you hear the reality of psychiatric human rights abuse today. 

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Electroshock survivor & ally guests include:

  • ELIZABETH ELLIS – Currently under court order to receive involuntary OUTPATIENT electroshock, against her wishes. For more info about Elizabeth campaign click here
  • RAY SANDFORD – Survivor of involuntary outpatient electroshock in Minnesota, until a MindFreedom Shield successful campaign mobilized international support. See Ray campaign here.
  • LORETTA WILSON – Electroshock survivor, founder of MindFreedom Michigan, who attended and spoke out at the FDA hearing on the electroshock device. Read about FDA hearing here.
  • DOROTHY DUNDAS – Electroshock survivor from Massachusetts who spoke at FDA hearing. 
  • JOHN BREEDING – Psychologist who testified against electroshock at FDA hearing.  


Special host is CELIA BROWN,, President of MindFreedom International.


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WHEN:  This Saturday, 12 February 2011 – 60 minute show

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  • UTC/GMT: 7 pm [19:00]
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More about our guests:


For Elizabeth Ellis campaign to stop her forced outpatient electroshock, and photo click here. 


Ray Sandford is a survivor of involuntary outpatient electroshock. Ray Sandford [photo on right] is a survivor of involuntary outpatient electroshock.

Each Wednesday morning he was woken up, and under court order escorted to an institution for another forced electroshock over his expressed wishes. But a MindFreedom International campaign won international attention, and stopped his forced electroshock. Ray regularly ‘checks in’ on the show to thank people, and let everyone know he’s doing well. Every day he’s done well since his last electroshock, proves his shock doctors were wrong. Ray just turned 58 on 2 January 2011.

More info about the Ray campaign is here:


Loretta Wilson: Electroshock survivor and MindFreedom activistLoretta Wilson [photo on right] is an electroshock survivor, and liaison for MindFreedom Michigan.

Loretta says, in Jan. 2011: ” I am a survivor of 58 Electroshock’s with a strong desire to see electroshock abolished.  I am willing to talk to anyone who is willing to listen. I have even talked to some who don’t want to hear about it! I had post-procedure pain from my electroshock. I struggle daily with memory loss from electroshock. I am 69 years old, widowed, mother of 5, grandmother of 7 and great grandma to my new baby girl, ‘Sophie.’ She’s beautiful!” 


For more info on the FDA hearing, including how electroshock survivors can ask to testify by the 6 January deadline, click here:






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