On 13 February 2010, psychiatric survivor activists Lauren Tenney and Jim Gottstein (pictured here) were guests on MindFreedom Mad Pride Live Web Radio show. You can listen to the archive.. Host was David W. Oaks, Director of MindFreedom International.

Lauren Tenney and Jim Gottstein are guests on MindFreedom Live Free Web Radio.

[Update: This was a successful show. You may use the information below to listen to the archive of this and many other shows for free.]

Your calls are welcome on the next live MindFreedom Mad Pride web radio show this Saturday, 13 February 2010.


  • JIM GOTTSTEIN ofAlaska is president of PsychRights, a public interest law firm that hasmade waves to change the mental health system throughout the USA.

  • LAUREN TENNEY of New York fights for silenced psychiatric survivors she calls the “De-Voiced.” Lauren works with groups such as We The People and Opal Project. Lauren is also building bridges between the academic and activist worlds.


MindFreedom Mad Pride Live Free Web Radio

WHEN:  Saturday, 13 February 2009 – 90 minutes.

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More info about this show’s guests:

Lauren Tenney, psychiatric survivor activist from New York StateLAUREN TENNEY [right] from New York State will talk about actions by “We The People” including an update on remembering Esmin Green, whose horrendous death in a psychiatricemergency waiting room was captured on video and shown nationally.

Lauren will also talk about a 2 February rally by We The People in front of a New York City court house to support Jim Gottstein in his fight against Eli Lilly “bullying.”

She’ll also update us about efforts to get in complaints to the US Food and Drug Administration about the FDA’s proposal to re-classify the electroshock device as “safe.”

Lauren was first involuntarilyinstitutionalized at 15, and has been a psychiatric survivor activistsince 1992. Says Lauren, “Mygoal is to help stop forced psychiatric procedures, detainment, andconfinement, human rights violations, psychiatric abuse and torture.”

Lauren is passionate about We The People’s fight against forced outpatient psychiatric drugging in New York (known by some as “Kendra’s Law”), as well as stopping electroshock of children below 16 years old in New York.

Lauren is also a bridge builder between the academic world and activism. Lauren will talk about her work for “participatory research” where psychiatric survivors help guide the goals and methods of research.

Lauren is a community organizer with the group The Opal Project, which you can read about here:

Jim Gottstein of PsychRightsJIM GOTTSTEIN [right] is a psychiatric survivor and Harvard Law School Graduate (1978). Since 2002, Jim has largely worked for free to support PsychRightsefforts to stop forced psychiatric drugging, challenge psychiatric drugcompany fraud, and create humane alternatives in the mental healthsystem.

Jim will talk about his recent trip to New York City to watch the latest court hearing on 2 February about the battle by the psychiatric corporation Eli Lilly against Jim, because of his courageous work to expose Eli Lilly’s fraud regarding the psychiatric drug Zyprexa.

Jim won international publicity by subpoenaing and thenreleasing thousands of documents about criminal fraud involving EliLilly and their psychiatric drug Zyprexa. Jim’s courageous actionsresults in days of front page coverage in The New York Times, a NY Times editorial and a congressional investigation.  

Jim will also talk about PsychRight’s recent victories in challenging psychiatric drugging of children and youth as Medicaidfraud. Jim will update us aboutpsychiatric drugging of children and youth, especially in foster care.”That is the majority of Medicaid fraud,” said Jim.

Jim is also on the board of directors of National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy and International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology.


David W. Oaks MindFreedom director DAVID W. OAKS (lower right).

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Next show: Sat., 13 March: Special remembrance show for the late Judi Chamberlin. Guests will include psychiatric survivor/psychiatrist Dan Fisher.


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