Some of the latest news about MindFreedom Lane County, an affiliate of MindFreedom International based in Oregon, USA. Since MindFreedom International is based right here in Lane County, Oregon, there’s a lot happening.

MF Mad Pride Clown Troupe at Oregon Country Fair

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Many of the events in Lane County, Oregon are sponsored or co-sponsored by MindFreedom Lane County, the Oregon Consumer/Survivor Coalition, Opal Network and/or the Lane County Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Advisory Council.


Guide to empowerment in mental health in Lane County!

You may now CLICK HERE to download a free two-page guide to Mental Health Peer Advocacy in Lane County, in PDF form.


Examples of Activities Related to MindFreedom Lane County:


MindFreedom’s Entry in the Eugene Celebration Parade


MindFreedom supporters were seen walking through the streets chanting, “No medication without representation!” and “Rethink psychiatry! Boycott Normality!” in the Eugene Celebration Parade.

Check out this brief clip:


MindFreedom Lane County Showed Free Film Screening on Mental Health Alternative


What a great turnout and discussion for the film showing of Healing Homes, about non-drug alternatives for people diagnosed “psychotic” in Sweden.

You can view the trailer of the film on YouTube:

Lane County Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Council issues statement about shooting of Eugene Police Officer Chris Kilcullen. 


To read the statement click here.

An individual who the media have identified as having a long mental health history, shot and killed “Officer Chris,” as he was known. The shooter has since confessed. 

Ironically, Officer Chris was a leader in welcoming people diagnosed as psychiatric disabilities to help with training of police officers for crisis intervention. 

The main council that meets monthly to represent the voice of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors has issued a statement. 

Lane County Celebrated MFI’s 25th Anniversary!


MindFreedom welcomed again to Eugene, Oregon the author and journalist ROBERT WHITAKER, of Massachusetts.


Bob’s books are shaking up the foundation of the mental health system.


Bob spoke at a special event co-sponsored by MindFreedom and the University of Oregon Law School. 


For more information on this event, including location and flyer you can download, click here.


MFI Co-Sponsors Robert Whitaker Appearance

5 August 2010: MindFreedom International co-sponsored the free appearance in Eugene, Oregon of author Robert Whitaker, whose book ANATOMY OF AN EPIDEMIC is making waves throughout the mental health industry.

For more on Whitaker appearance, click here.

To download a free flyer, click here.


Lane County youth are mad hatters!

August 2010: MindFreedom International supports two youth leaders to have a “Mad Hatter” Entry in the Eugene Celebration Parade. For info contact the MindFreedom office.


Local news covers alternatives

Eugene Weekly covers alternatives to psychiatric drugs, quotes MindFreedom activists.


Headquarters for Lane County Mental Health in Eugene, OregonChange Lane County Guidelines on Mental Health Client “Empowerment!”


Activists are struggling to change written guidelines created by Lane County regarding the empowerment and participation of Lane County mental health clients.

You have two free events in February 2010 where you can learn more, and speak out.


Background in brief:

In 2008, Lane County Mental Health and LaneCare (their headquarters are pictured here) came up with guidelines for empowerment of mental health clients in Lane County.

MindFreedom Lane County considers their guidelines ineffective.


Lane County’s guidelines do NOT:


  • …inform consumers that full recovery is possible.

  • …explain the diversity of non-drug alternatives that ought to be available.

  • …offer adequate assistance to those who wish to reduce or get off psychiatric medication.

You may read a copy of Lane County’s 2008 guidelines by clicking here.

Because of dissatisfaction with Lane County’s guidelines, in 2009, Lane County Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Council drafted their own revised guidelines, and recommended that these be adopted by Lane County.

To download an attached text file of the Consumer/Survivor Council revised draft, click here.

To help you compare these two documents, you may also download a text document, “Why the ‘Lane County and LaneCare Guidelines Relative to Consumer Participation and Empowerment’ require revision.”

If you would like to read a timeline of the history of these guidelines, click here.

The main changes MindFreedom Lane County has identified: * HOPE: Make it clear full recovery is possible. * CHOICE: Spell out availability of non-drug alternatives. * TRANSITION: Provide help for those who wish to taper off prescribed psychiatric drugs.



Action For Stronger Guidelines for Empowerment in Mental Health


Lane County residents are encouraged to contact their County Commissioner to speak out for stronger guidelines.

You can contact your County Commissioner, and even use a map to figure who represents you, by clicking here:


City Council resolution: alternatives are a human right!

10 December 2009: Eugene City Council Unanimously Passes Resolution that More Non-Drug Alternatives are a Human Right!


City of Eugene Council passed a resolution supported by MindFreedom International for choice, empowerment and alternatives in mental health.

To read more, download the resolution, see a photo, and read background info, click here:

Read a GUEST COLUMN OP-ED by David Oaks, Director of MindFreedom International, about Resolution 4989, published in the Register-Guard on 10 December 2009, Human Rights Day! Click here.


Get Involved in the Opal Network!


MindFreedom Lane County — with the cooperation of a lot of other groups — helped launch the Opal Network in May 2007. This is a quarterly meeting at the Eugene Public Library where all people and agencies who support the voice of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors are invited.

The local Center for Independent Living for cross-disability, LILA, especially staff person Bjo Ashwill, has been important in building the Opal Network.

This model of organizing that unites cross-disability and mental health consumers/psychiatric survivors is now going national!

Learn more about the Opal Network, click here:

The next Opal Network meeting is 29 December 2009, at 2 pm, at Eugene Public Library. Click here for details and to download flyer.


Archived alerts

To read an archive of past MindfFreedom Lane County News Alerts, click here.



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