Mad Pride! At the 2012 Oregon Country Fair – the enormous, creative and historic festival in the woods – the clown / physician / psychiatric survivor Patch Adams will receive the International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment Award, in Community Village, via MindFreedom International. Don’t miss it!

Patch Adams and Gesundheidt Institute have sponsored MindFreedom International’s Coalition since 1992.

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Give Patch Adams Award for Helping to Lead MLK’s Dream of “Creative Maladjustment”

The movement to change the mental health system – also known as the ‘mad movement’ – is giving Patch Adams an award while he again performs at the astounding Oregon Country Fair, where thousands gather in the woods each year for ‘psychospiritual rejuvenation for all.’


Specifically, MindFreedom International is giving Patch an award for his leadership in theInternational Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment (IAACM), which was a dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. In more than a dozen speeches and essays for a decade, MLK said the salvation of the world lies in the hands of creative folks psychologists would call ‘maladjusted.’ MLK said repeatedly the world was in dire need of the IAACM!

Since 1992, Patch Adams has helped provide 20 years of passionate support for MindFreedom International, and his “Gesundheit Institute” has been a proud sponsor in the coalition. 

Join us on Saturday, 14 July 2012, Bastille Day! 

When Patch finishes his 1:10 pm performance at Left Bank in OCF, he’ll do a book signing and rest. Then join us there at 2:30 pm for a creative procession from Left Bank to Community Village Green. 

Then at 3:00 pm in the Community Village Green, we’ll give Patch his award, and engage in other creative activities… You are encouraged to join the fun. 

The award will be a plaque – acknowledging Patch’s “lunacy promotion,” by professional psychiatric survivor artist Tim Boyden. 


More information about this Patch award event…


Attending Oregon Country Fair?

You can often find us before or after in the Doors of Expression Booth in Community Village (by Wild Edibles, in the “Normal Free Zone.”)

Also, every day at 3 pm in the “Green” of the Community Village – Friday, Saturday (with Patch) and Sunday – we’ll be doing some ‘lunacy promotion’ for Mad Pride, join in the fun.

MindFreedom International has been a proud part of the Oregon Country Fair, in the Community Village, for a quarter century! Many of the iconic performers at the Oregon Country Fair over the years – such as Artis the Spoonman and Mother Zosima and Jim Page – have been enthusiastic supporters of MFI, thank you all!

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