A national USA television show is seeking individuals with diagnoses such as “schizophrenia” who have totally quit or are quitting all prescribed psychiatric drugs, for a show on Mad Pride.

National USA TV show seeks individuals quitting their psychiatric drugs.

   by David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International

At our protest last month in front of the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, co-sponsored by MindFreedom International, we got word of interest from a major national television show.

A news producer at this show heard about the Mad Pride movement. She is interested in learning more about people diagnosed with psychiatric labels — especially “schizophrenia” — who choose to successfully get totally off all of their psychiatric drugs.

While I am personally impressed with her passion and apparent sincerity about this much-ignored topic, after 33 years of working with major media I know it is important to understand from the start there is absolutely NO guarantee about the final results. A number of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors are debating the pro’s and con’s of participating. They all have a variety of thoughtful opinions and advice.

The producer has found people who have been off all psychiatric drugs for a long time, but wants to talk to people more recently off psychiatric drugs.

In an unusual move to locate more potential leads, the producer has decided to “go public” and submit the BELOW request for leads to the MindFreedom News e-mail list.

After a lot of discussion with a lot of people, this issue is really about freedom, isn’t it? MindFreedom News readers have a right to know about the unusual news that a major media outlet is openly looking at this topic and searching for leads.

Deciding to participate, however, is ultimately a very personal, individual and difficult choice.

Because the below is a *forwarded* announcement about national media on such a controversial topic, it’s especially important to note these DISCLAIMERS:

The below is a FORWARDED message. MindFreedom did NOT originate the below message. MindFreedom is NOT in any way producing the TV show, or responsible for its content. Forwarding this is not necessarily an endorsement of the show, its process or its final product. Anyone choosing to participate should be fully informed that he or she is making an important individual decision that has significant risks. Participating in the show may impact not only them individually, but may influence millions of people who watch the show.

To those who suggest not participating, I respect your point of view. But ultimately it is not for me, or MindFreedom, to make that decision. It’s up to each individual.

BELOW is the forwarded announcement.



A national television magazine show is seeking volunteers who would allow cameras to follow their lives for a period of time.

This person should meet ALL of the following three criteria:

  1. Age 20 to 40.
  2. Been labeled with a “major” psychiatric diagnosis (especially “schizophrenia”).
  3. Either in the process of dropping off their medications within the last few months in a safe and responsible manner, or is planning on doing so within the upcoming weeks.

The show is looking for all different types of people, but is especially interested in males and those labeled with “schizophrenia” safely tapering off their medications.

The goal of this television show is to hear from various people in their own words about their elected choice not to take prescribed medications, and demonstrating alternatives a person may be using to get through rough spots. 

You may contact this national television magazine show producer at this e-mail address:

– end of forwarded announcement –


If you have leads, please use the e-mail address provided in the above forwarded announcement. You are welcome to copy your e-mail to if you’d like MindFreedom to know, too.

Please forward this announcement to others on and off the Internet who may be interested.

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