NEWS RELEASE: MindFreedom International members, sponsors, affiliates and allied mental health advocates are spread out all over the world. MindFreedom International is using more participatory web tools in campaigns for mental health rights and alternative mental health, thanks to help from Oliver Feakins, President of WebTalent SEO, and intern Anne from University of Oregon. Here’s how you can participate.

Oliver Feakins, president of WebTalent SEO, is consulting with MindFreedom about Web 2.0 strategy.

Some of you may already know that MindFreedom International is increasing its networking via web 2.0 applications such as twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Myspace. Very soon we plan on starting a blog on wordpress as well as getting our “My-MFI” discussion forums up and running (we’ll keep you posted)!

We have been able to take this plunge into web 2.0 thanks to the pro bono help of Oliver Feakins, president of WebTalent SEO which is a full service internet marketing company with a concentration in social media marketing.

Mr. Feakins said, “Our internet marketing company was more than happy to donate our time to Mind Freedom. We believe that companies, like ours, have the esteemed social responsibility to give back to our communities and help our fellow mankind. Helping non-profit organizations allows us to use our talents to give back to causes that we believe in.”


What is Web 2.0, and How Can It Help the Mad Movement for Mental Health Rights and Alternative Mental Health?

Web 2.0 is the general term for Internet tools and sites that make the internet more personalized, interactive, and useful. On Facebook and Myspace you can connect with other people in the MFI community, carrying on easy conversations without the use of email.

Twitter is a social networking tool that simplifies the process even more, using a micro-blogging format so that it is very easy to keep updated on your favorite organizations and people. Our YouTube Channel highlights videos from Mad Pride festivals from around the world, interesting documentaries, and lectures from David W. Oaks, our director.

Why would we spend so much time on these newer networking tools? We want to involve more people in the fight for greater rights in the mental healthcare system, of course! Mr. Feakins of WebTalent SEO concurred, “Many non-profits organizations have done little to take advantage of the potential online audience that awaits them.”

We want you to get involved! Find MindFreedom on:



To find more information about WebTalent SEO go to their web site:

Ways for MindFreedom members to participate in this mental health advocacy

MindFreedom International’s board president Celia Brown has been especially passionate about engaging in social networking tools to involve supporters of our movement and MindFreedom.

David W. Oaks, Director of MindFreedom International, said, “On behalf of MindFreedom, I’d like to enthusiastically thank Oliver, Anne, Jeremy, Celia, Martin and the MindFreedom members who are cheering on using cutting edge technology for this nonviolent revolution in the mental health system. There are thousands of people passionately dedicated to significant change in mental health. We need to communicate with one another, and reach the public.”

For those interested in volunteering more with MFI Web 2.0 activities, MindFreedom has a small e-mail list for members to talk about this. Current members can sign up here:

And remember the MindFreedom Summer 2009 Support Drive!

Check out the “Big Red Button” in the upper right hand corner of this web page!

Thanks much for work on this project by intern Anne from University of Oregon!

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