MFI is reaching the public with its own media and mainstream media.

Some of the protesters of American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting 2009.How you can work with MindFreedom as we break the silence!

  • MFI web site: MFI web site uses a cutting edge content management system called Plone. What thismeans is that the MFI Web Volunteer Team is able to load up articles in anorganized way using a simple window on a web page. No computer code is required. If you’d like to be on this team, contact the office.
  • Truth Brochure: An easy way to get around the blockade in the main media, is to simply hand out a basic brochure! Give your mental health system a truth injection by downloading this PDF flyer, copying and handing it out. For more info click here.
  • MFI public alert e-mail list: MFI sends out human rights alerts to more than tens of thousands of interested people. To read the main archive of current and past alerts by month go to Also see the sponsor and affiliate area for regional lists. These lists are only occasional, they do not fill up your e-mail box, and the list is absolutely private, never shared, always one-way, with no spam.
  • MFI member e-lists: MFI maintains many active e-maildiscussion lists just for members. Become an MFI member, and go to the Member Only section of this web site for more information.
  • MindFreedom has a team of volunteers who are assisting our increasing use of “Web 2.0” participatory media tools. To find out more, and become active in this effort, check out the news release here.


Creating Media On Our Own

MFI has four basic message points which are often not heard in mainstream or even alternative media:


  • Human rights violations in the mental health system are a global emergency.
  • Psychiatric drug industry domination in mental health is squeezing out choice.
  • Promote a range of humane, safe and effective alternatives for mental and emotional well being.
  • Support the voice and self-determination of people on the receiving end of the mental health system.

Because the mainstream corporate media often ignores the voices ofthose critical of the current mental health system, especiallypsychiatric survivors, your help is needed to reach the media andcreate our own media.



What can you do?


An example of making our own media is the photo above of one of many MindFreedomnonviolent protests, this one directly in front of the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting (see above photo).

Here is a recent (2014) example of ‘be your own media’. A short film about the 2014 New York protest against psychiatric abuse:

You can join in by helping MindFreedom reach the public, mainstream media, alternative media and creating our own media, especially about our main message points. Even a letter to the editor can reach thousands! If you’d like to work with others in MFI on this, consider joining the MFI Media Campaign Committee.

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