David Oaks, Director of MindFreedom, is interviewed on OPB radio about his experience of forced psychiatric drugging, and MindFreedom’s opposition to forced mental health procedures.

Oregon Public Broadcasting included segment about MindFreedom’s opposition to forced psychiatry.

21 March 2008

News alert

by David Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) broadcast a radio news segment interviewing me about my experience on the “sharp end of the  needle” of a forced psychiatric drugging, and MindFreedom’s position  against coerced psychiatric procedures.

You may read the text of the segment or hear it online here: mental-illness/

or use this web address:

(The above web page even has a photo but, hey, I’ve lost some weight  since that old photo! 😉

You may find a link to this segment and the other OPB shows in their  “On Our Minds” mental health series here:

Click on a link called “join the conversation” later on that page to  post to their blog, or go here:

Please spread the word. There have been quite a few recent mental  health shows on OPB radio, such as their call-in show “Think Out  Loud,” without adequate representation from mental health consumer  and psychiatric survivor organizations, and critics of the mental  health industry.

While we appreciate the opportunity at the end of the OPB series to  bring up MFI’s perspective on forced psychiatric drugging, it would  be good to have several shows on a variety of topics featuring the  voice of groups of mental health consumers, psychiatric survivors,  critics of the mental health system, etc..

It’s hopeful to me that next month the Oregon Consumer/Survivor Coalition (OCSC) is officially launching to unite mental health  consumer and psychiatric survivor groups throughout the state, you  may read about OCSC here:


Please consider making a civil comment directly to OPB itself,  encouraging their future coverage, here:

Thanks to all who have spoken out to say, “Nothing About  Us Without Us!”

In support,

David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International

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