Dissident psychologist, author and playwright PAULA CAPLAN, PhD was guest on this Live Free MindFreedom Web Radio Call-in Show. She tells us why psychiatric labeling can be harmful, and why she is speaking at a protest of the American Psychiatric Association. Host: David Oaks.

Above: Paula Caplan is a psychologist and playwright who is helping to lead the charge to challenge the American Psychiatric Association.

This was another successful MindFreedom Live Free Web Radio show! The show has been edited to remove a technical problem at the start.

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original announcement:

This Saturday, 11 February 2012, at 2 pm ET, 11 am PT, your calls are welcome on this live free MindFreedom web radio show. 

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Special guest PAULA CAPLAN is helping to lead the charge to challenge the American Psychiatric Association labeling.


Paula J. Caplan, PhD has many qualities:

  • A clinical and research psychologist, who has questioned the mental health industry for decades.
  • Activist, playwright, screenwriter, director, and actor. 
  • Author of 12 nonfiction books. Her latest book, When Johnny and Jane Come Marching Home: How All of Us Can Help Veterans, uncovers the way too many people traumatized by war are told that that makes them “mentally ill.” Her book won the 2011 American Publishers Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE Award) in the Psychology category. 
  • She helps challenges psychiatric labeling, including psychiatry’s new proposed label bible DSM 5. Paula will be a speaker at a protest of the American Psychiatric Association on 5 May 2012, for more info click here.
  • Her award-winning play, CALL ME CRAZY, is a comedy-drama about psychiatric diagnosis that was rave-reviewed in its Off-Off-Broadway production. She has written three plays about war veterans, one of which — WAR&THERAPY — deals with vets and diagnosis. 
  • Recently, because of her alarm about what is happening with psychiatric diagnosis, she convened the PLAN T Alliance, which she will tell us about and which you are invited to join. You can sign their petition here.
  • Her websites are, and 
  • You can write to her through her Paula J Caplan blog on the Psychology Today Website (contact web form is at bottom; links to recent blog posts on right).



  • David W. OaksHOST: David W. Oaks (right) is a psychiatric survivor and director of MindFreedom International, based in Eugene, Oregon. David plans to get to Philly for the ‘five-five’ peaceful protest, especially because the APA will be adopting it’s newest label bible, the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5.” To learn more about the host click here.  

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