Here’s a peaceful revolutionary response to psychiatry’s label bible, the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual” (DSM). MindFreedom Portland has launched a “People’s DSM” where you can describe yourself!

People’s DSM says Boycott Normal!


Boycott Normal!

by C.J. Lince & MindFreedom Portland



MindFreedom needs your help to createour own “manual”: 

The People’s DSM!

Psychiatry has its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) created by psychiatric industry leaders. Now you can participate in a project to turn the tables. 


Click here:’s_DSM_Wiki


The People’s DSM (also calledIdentities of Mentally Oppressed Kin or IMOK) is a project wherepsychiatric survivors reject outside labels and define ourselveshowever we see fit: a description, a story, a drawing… anything toexpress our identities without fear of ridicule or medical labeling.


We reject DSM labeling by sharing ourviews of ourselves and our creative gifts.


Anyone can contribute, and entries canbe anonymous!  Entries will be posted online and will eventuallybe available to print.  Entries are roughly 150 to 250 words, orcan be visual or another form of media.


It is only just beginning – please, addmore!

To add a part of yourself to ourpicture of mental diversity:

  • Visit the People’s DSM wiki andclick “Add a Page” at the top (next to the icon with a “+”on it)
  • The title you choose for the page will also become theURL.
  • Choose “standard page” for text with an imagefile (you can remove the image placeholder later if you’re not addinga picture).
  • Add your text the same way that you would type ane-mail or a Word document.
  • IMPORTANT: When you are finished,click the blue “Publish” button on the right!



E-mail your submissions or questions


You can visit the “wikia”link above to see the current contributions to the PDSM.

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