After Elizabeth Ellis was notified a sheriff may pick her up from her home, simply for refusing to report for an involuntary outpatient electroshock, she e-mailed the following plea to MindFreedom.


16 February 2011


Elizabeth K. Ellis: Electroshock SurvivorTo MindFreedom International Director, David W. Oaks:

As I informed you this afternoon, I am in danger of receiving more electroshock treatments from ANOKA (Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center – AMRTC) or any other state-operated facility in Minnesota. 

I received through the mail a Notice of Intent to Revoke Provisional Discharge signed on 14 February 2011 by Kirstin Wegenast, LSW for Clay County, Minnesota, and an Order to Transport dated February 15th signed by the Judge.

I called Kirstin on the 14th. She was indifferent to my pleas. 

My public defender, Peter Karlson, said the Sheriff could pick me up at any moment and transport me.

I visited with Peter this forenoon and after much consideration, he agreed to challenge the court on these decisions for hospitalization and continuing ECT. But he wanted a good backup plan.  

We put together an affidavit which he will file tomorrow in which I agreed to medication, counseling, psychiatric visits and monitoring by the county.

I will be seeing psychiatrist Dr. Nels Langsten in St. Paul this weekend and I have a good counselor of my faith lined up.

I put in a call today to Janna Peterson but didn’t get her. When she visited me earlier this month, she seemed very interested in my situation.

My daughter is for my continuing treatments. 

My husband supports me.

As far as I am concerned, I am in good mental health — active, talking, eating, sleeping. I see no reason for continuing ECT. The county says they are just trying to save my life. 

I question whether it’s not their face they are trying to save.

In apprreciation for all you do.



Elizabeth Ellis, Moorheard, Minnesota

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